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Punjab Assembly MPA List Election 2018 – PTI

Punjab Assembly MPA List Election 2018 – PTI

Punjab Assembly MPA List PTI - Election 2018
Punjab Assembly MPA List PTI – Election 2018

The Total MPA’s seats are 297 in Punjab Assembly. On two seats elections were postponed. These are PP-87 Mianwali and PP-103 Faisalabad. On these two seats by elections are expected in October. Thus the elections were held on 295 seats.

From 295 seats, PTI elected candidates are 125. The complete list of elected member Punjab Assembly from Independent and other parties are given by below:

PTI Party list of MPA’s

PTI LIst of MPA’s

PP-1 Attock-I Syed Yawer Abbas Bukhari Bat PTI 39567
PP-3 Attock-III Tahir Sadiq Bat PTI 62337
PP-4 Attock-IV Malik Muhammad Anwar Bat PTI 49589
PP-5 Attock-V Malik Jamshaid Altaf Bat PTI 57136
PP-6 Rawalpindi-I Muhammad Latasub Satti Bat PTI 64322
PP-8 Rawalpindi-III Javed Kausar Bat PTI 48117
PP-9 Rawalpindi-IV Chaudhary Sajid Mehmood Bat PTI 51524
PP-11 Rawalpindi-VI Choudry Muhammad Adnan Bat PTI 43079
PP-12 Rawalpindi-VII Wasiq Qayyum Abbasi Bat PTI 27351
PP-13 Rawalpindi-VIII Amjad Mehmood Chaudhary Bat PTI 39824
PP-14 Rawalpindi-IX Muhammad Basharat Raja Bat PTI 54098
PP-15 Rawalpindi-X Umar Tanveer Bat PTI 38429
PP-16 Rawalpindi-XI Raja Rashid Hafeez Bat PTI 64662
PP-17 Rawalpindi-XII Fayaz ul Hasan Chohan Bat PTI 40919
PP-18 Rawalpindi-XIII Ejaz Khan Bat PTI 44021
PP-19 Rawalpindi-XIV Ammar Siddique Khan Bat PTI 59490
PP-20 RawalpindiXvI Malik Taimoor Masood Bat PTI 40549
PP-21 Chakwal-I Yasir Humayun Bat PTI 77425
PP-23 Chakwal-III Sardar Aftab Akbar Khan Bat PTI 77949
PP-25 Jhelum-I Raja Yawar Kamal Khan Bat PTI 59717
PP-26 Jhelum-II Zafar iqbal Bat PTI 64051
PP-27 Jhelum-III Fawad Ahmad Bat PTI 67003
PP-31 Gujarat-IV Saleem Sarwar Jaura Bat PTI 51054
PP-32 Gujarat-V Mian Muhammad Akhtar Hayat Bat PTI 42196
PP-33 Gujarat-VI Chaudhary Liaqat Ali Bat PTI 51007
PP-34 Gujarat-VII Muhammad Arshad Chaudhary Bat PTI 58048
PP-36 Sialkot-II Muhammad Akhlaq Bat PTI 51465
PP-48 Narowal-III Manan Khan Tiger PTI 47194
PP-66 Mandi Bahauddin-II Muhammad Tariq Tarrar Bat PTI 47071
PP-68 Mandi Bahauddin-IV Gulraiz Afzal Gondal Bat PTI 37904
PP-69 Hafizabad-I Muhammad Mamoon Tarrar Bat PTI 58337
PP-71 Hafizabad-III Muhammad Ahsan Jahangir Bat PTI 47840
PP-75 Sargodha-IV Muhammad Muneeb Sultan Cheema Bat PTI 63181
PP-76 Sargodha-V Chaudhari Faisal Farooq Cheema Bat PTI 60565
PP-78 Sargodha-VII Ansar Majeed Khan Niazi Bat PTI 46049
PP-80 Sargodha-IX Ghulam Ali Asghar Khan Lahri Bat PTI 60500
PP-81 Sargodha-X Chaudhary Iftikhar Hussain Bat PTI 41300
PP-82 Khushab-I Fateh Khaliq Bat PTI 71831
PP-85 Mianwali-I Abdul Rehman Khan Bat PTI 75398
PP-86 Mianwali-II Amin Ullah Khan Bat PTI 58547
PP-88 Mianwali-IV Muhammad Sibtain Khan Bat PTI 55644
PP-91 Bhakkar-III Ghazanfar Abbas Bat PTI 75119
PP-92 Bhakkar-Iv Muhammad Aamir Inayat Shahani Bat PTI 61355
PP-93 Chiniot-I Muhammad Haider Lali Bat PTI 46773
PP-96 Chiniot-IV Saleem Bibi Bat PTI 29668
PP-99 Faislalabad-III Ali Akhter Bat PTI 49159
PP-100 Faisalabad-IV Zaheer Ud Din Bat PTI 40700
PP-102 Faisalabad-VI Adil Pervaiz Bat PTI 37929
PP-105 Faisalabad-IX Mumtaz Ahmed Bat PTI 50019
PP-110 Faisalabad-XIV Khayal Ahmad Bat PTI 69441
PP-111 Faisalabad-XV Shakeel Shahid Bat PTI 57414
PP-113 Faisalabad-XVII Muhammad Waris Aziz Bat PTI 61042
PP-114 Faisalabad-XVIII Muhammad Latif Nazar Bat PTI 59647
PP-121 Toba Tek Singh-IV Saeed Ahmad Bat PTI 61716
PP-122 Toba Tek Singh-V Ashfa Riaz Bat PTI 62939
PP-123 Toba Tek Singh-VI Sonia Bat PTI 53145
PP-128 Jhang-V Ghazanfar Abbas Shah Bat PTI 49930
PP-129 Jhang-VI Mian Muhammad Asif Bat PTI 23281
PP-130 Jhang-VII Shahbaz Ahmed Bat PTI 63347
PP-132 Nankana Sahab-II Muhammad Atif Bat PTI 48554
PP-135 Sheikhupura-I Umer Aftab Bat PTI 50831
PP-136 Sheikhupura-II Khurram Ijaz Bat PTI 52539
PP-140 Sheikhupura-VI Mian khalid Mehmood Bat PTI 32862
PP-142 Sheikhpura-VIII Sher Akbar Khan Bat PTI 27061
PP-151 Lahore-VIII Mian Muhammad Islam Iqbal Bat PTI 65830
PP-158 Lahore-XV Abdul Aleem Khan Bat PTI 52299
PP-159 Lahore-XVI Murad Ross Bat PTI 55128
PP-160 Lahore-XVII Mian Mahmood ur Rasheed Bat PTI 63059
PP-161 Lahore-XVIII Malik Nadeem Abbas Bat PTI 34994
PP-167 Lahore-XXIV Nazir Ahmed Chohan Bat PTI 40704
PP-170 Lahore XXVII Muhammad Amin Zulqarnain Bat PTI 25180
PP-173 Lahore-XXX Sarfarz Hussain Bat PTI 29686
PP-177 Kasur-IV Muhammad Hashim Dogar Bat PTI 41598
PP-179 Kasur-VI Malik Mukhtar Ahmed Bat PTI 29314
PP-180 Kasur-VII Sardar Muhammad Asif Nakai Bat PTI 54081
PP-191 Pakpattan-I Mian Muhammad Farrukh Mumtaz Maneka Bat PTI 29363
PP-193 Pakpattan-III Ahmed Shah Khagga Bat PTI 44839
PP-194 Pakpattan-IV Muhammad Naeem Bat PTI 61342
PP-201 Sahiwal-VI Rai Muhammad Murtaza Iqbal Bat PTI 66083
PP-202 Sahiwal-VII Muhammad Nauman Ahmed Langrial Bat PTI 57190
PP-205 Khanewal-III Hamid Yar Hiraj Bat PTI 57124
PP-207 Khanewal-V Syed Abbas Ali Shah Bat PTI 42964
PP-212 Multan-II Muhammad Saleem Akhtar Bat PTI 26049
PP-213 Multan-III Nawabzada Waseem Khan Badozai Bat PTI 46495
PP-214 Multan-IV Muhammad Zaheer ud Din Khan Alizai Bat PTI 47213
PP-215 Multan-V Javaid Akhtar Bat PTI 51637
PP-216 Multan-VI Muhammad Nadeem Qurehsi Bat PTI 56850
PP-218 Multan-VIII Mazhar Abbas Raan Bat PTI 45817
PP-219 Multan-IX Muhammad Akhtar Bat PTI 39061
PP-220 Multan-X Mian Tariq Abdullah Bat PTI 33555
PP-222 Multam-XII Malik Ghulam Abbas Bat PTI 47429
PP-224 Lodhran-I Zawar Hussain Warraich Bat PTI 60482
PP-228 Lodhran-V Nazir Ahmed Khan Bat PTI 43169
PP-232 Vehari-IV Muhammad ijaz Hussain Bat PTI 27284
PP-233 Vehari-V Rai Zahoor Ahmed Bat PTI 35007
PP-235 Vehari-VII Muhammad Ali Raza Khan Khakwani Bat PTI 49725
PP-236 Vehari-VIII Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan Khichi Bat PTI 38010
PP-246 Bahawalpur-II Sami Ullah Choudhary Bat PTI 46175
PP-253 Bahawalpur-IX Sahibzada Muhammad Gazain Abbasi Bat PTI 36375
PP-254 Bahawalpur-X Syed Iftikhar Hassan Bat PTI 36644
PP-256 Rahim Yar Khan-II Muhammad Amir Nawaz Khan Bat PTI 36367
PP-257 Rahim Yar Khan-III Choudhary Masood Ahmed Bat PTI 36832
PP-258 Rahim Yar Khan-IV Mian Shafi Muhammad Bat PTI 42465
PP-259 Rahim Yar Khan-V Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht Bat PTI 46575
PP-261 Rahim yar Khan-VII Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht Bat PTI 38034
PP-262 Rahim Yar Khan-VIII Asif Majeed Bat PTI 48773
PP-263 Rahim Yar Khan-IX Muhammad Shafiq Bat PTI 46472
PP-271 Muzaffargarh-IV Nawabzada Mansoor Ahmad Khan Bat PTI 25893
PP-273 Muzaffargarh-VI Muhammad Sabtain Raza Bat PTI 36009
PP-274 Muzaffargarh-VII Muhammad Raza Hussain Bukhari Bat PTI 27597
PP-276 Muzaffargarh-IX Muhammad Aun Hamid Bat PTI 32090
PP-278 Muzaffargarh-XI Niaz Hussain Khan Bat PTI 28287
PP-279 Muzaffargarh-XII Muhammad Ashraf Khan Rind Bat PTI 42564
PP-281 Layyah-II Shahab Ud Din Khan Bat PTI 33141
PP-285 Dera Ghazi Khan-I Khawaja Muhammad Daud Sulemani Bat PTI 27840
PP-286 Dera Ghazi Khan-II Usman Ahmed Khan Buzdar Bat PTI 26897
PP-287 Dera Ghazi Khan-III Javeed Akhtar Bat PTI 42593
PP-290 Dera Ghazi Khan-VI Sardar Ahmed Ali Khan Dareshak Bat PTI 32375
PP-291 Dera Ghazi Khan-VII Sardar Muhammad Mohiuddin Khosa Bat PTI 42141
PP-292 Dera Ghazi Khan-VIII Sardar Muhammad Khan Leghari Bat PTI 32423
PP-293 Rajan Pur-I Muhammad Mohsin Leghari Bat PTI 45047
PP-294 Rajan Pur-II Sardar Hasnain Bahadar Bat PTI 41539
PP-295 Rajan Pur-III Sardar Farookh Aman Ullah Dareshak Bat PTI 48549
PP-296 Rajan Pur-IV Muhammad Tariq Dareshak Bat PTI 42119
PP-297 Rajan Pur-V Sardar Dost Muhammad Mazari Bat PTI 56113

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