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Punjab Assembly MPA List Election 2018 – PMLN

Punjab Assembly MPA List Election 2018 – PMLN

Punjab Assembly MPA List PMLN - Election 2018
Punjab Assembly MPA List PMLN – Election 2018

The Total MPA’s seats are 297 in Punjab Assembly. On two seats elections were postponed. These are PP-87 Mianwali and PP-103 Faisalabad. On these two seats by elections are expected in October. Thus the elections were held on 295 seats.

From 295 seats, PMLN elected candidates are 127. The complete list of elected member Punjab Assembly from Independent and other parties are given by below:

PMLN Party list of MPA’s

PMLN List of MPA’s

Constituency No Name Of Contesting Candidate Allocated Symbol Party Name Votes
PP-2 Attock-II Jahangir Khanzada Tiger PMLN 45965
PP-22 Chakwal-II Tanveer Aslam Malik Tiger PMLN 73104
PP-35 Sialkot-I Arif Iqbal Tiger PMLN 46360
PP-37 Sialkot-III Khwaja Muhammad Mansha Ullah Butt Tiger PMLN 50876
PP-38 Sialkot-IV Choudhary Khush Akhtar Subhani Tiger PMLN 57617
PP-40 Sialkot-VI Rana Muhammad Afzal Tiger PMLN 52456
PP-42 Sialkot-VIII Zeeshan Rafique Tiger PMLN 52562
PP-43 Sialkot-IX Chaudhary Naveed Ashraf Tiger PMLN 55499
PP-44 Sialkot-X Chaudhary Arshad Javaid Warraich Tiger PMLN 58014
PP-45 Sialkot-XI Rana Abdul Sattar Tiger PMLN 53760
PP-47 Narowal-II Abu Hifz Muhammad Ghias Ud Din Tiger PMLN 18473
PP-49 Narowal-IV Bilal Akbar Khan Tiger PMLN 44148
PP-50 Narowl-V Khwaja Muhammad Waseem Tiger PMLN 61384
PP-51 Gujranwala-I Shaukat Manzoor Cheema Tiger PMLN 59267
PP-52 Gujranwala-II Choudhary Adil Bakhsh Chattha Tiger PMLN 55710
PP-53 Gujranwala-III Bilal Farooq Tarrar Tiger PMLN 47298
PP-54 Gujranwala-IV Imran Khalid Butt Tiger PMLN 51257
PP-55 Gujranwala-V Muhammad Nawaz Chohan Tiger PMLN 36869
PP-56 Gujranwala-VI Muhammad Toufeeq Butt Tiger PMLN 47375
PP-57 Gujranwala-VII Coudhary Ashraf Ali Tiger PMLN 56504
PP-58 Gujranwala-VIII Abdul Rauf Mughal Tiger PMLN 44232
PP-59 Gujranwala-IX Chaudhary Waqar Ahmed Cheema Tiger PMLN 40046
PP-60 Gujranwala-X Qaiser Iqbal Tiger PMLN 30799
PP-61 Gujranwala-XI Akhtar Ali Khan Tiger PMLN 44894
PP-62 Gujranwala-XII Aman Ullah Warraich Tiger PMLN 46913
PP-63 Gujranwala-XIII Chaudhary Muhammad Iqbal Tiger PMLN 30460
PP-64 Gujranwala-XIV Irfan Bashir Tiger PMLN 46665
PP-65 Mandi Bahauddin-I Hameeda Mian Tiger PMLN 72374
PP-70 Hafizabad-II Muzaffer Ali Sheikh Tiger PMLN 49093
PP-72 Sargodha-I Sohaib Ahmad Malik Tiger PMLN 64626
PP-73 Sargodha-II Yasir Zafar Sandhu Tiger PMLN 45701
PP-74 Sargodha-III Miaz Manazar Hussain Ranjha Tiger PMLN 51269
PP-77 Sargodha-VI Liaqat Ali Khan Tiger PMLN 58360
PP-79 Sargodha-VIII Rana Munawar Hussain Tiger PMLN 54237
PP-84 Khushab-III Muhammad Waris Shad Tiger PMLN 66459
PP-94 Chiniot-II Muhammad Illyas Tiger PMLN 52663
PP-101 Faisalabad-V Rai Haider Ali Khan Tiger PMLN 46045
PP-104 Faisalabad-VIII Muhammad Safdar Shakir Tiger PMLN 42734
PP-107 Faisalabad-XI Shafiq Ahmad Tiger PMLN 36882
PP-108 Faisalabad-XII Muhammad Ajmal Tiger PMLN 46082
PP-109 Faisalabad-XIII Zafar Iqbal Tiger PMLN 53085
PP-112 Faisalabad-XVI Muhammad Tahir Pervaiz Tiger PMLN 49431
PP-115 Faisalabad-XIX Ali Abbas Khan Tiger PMLN 53784
PP-116 Faisalabad-X Faqir Hussain Tiger PMLN 48608
PP-117 Faisalabad-XXI Hamid Rashid Tiger PMLN 48747
PP-118 Toba Tek Singh-I Chaudhary Khalid Javaid Tiger PMLN 43322
PP-119 Toba Tek Singh-II Abul Qadeer Alvi Tiger PMLN 46639
PP-120 Toba Tek Singh-III Muhammad Ayub Khan Tiger PMLN 71374
PP-131 Nankana Sahib-I Mian Ijaz Hussain Bhatti Tiger PMLN 37086
PP-133 Nankana Sahab-III Muhammad Kashif Tiger PMLN 26419
PP-134 Nankana Sahib-IV Agha Ali Haider Tiger PMLN 28422
PP-137 Sheikhupura-III Muhammad Ashraf Rasool Tiger PMLN 37939
PP-138 Sheikhupura-IV Mian Abdul Rauf Tiger PMLN 34474
PP-139 Sheikhupura-V Mian Jaleel Sharaqpuri Tiger PMLN 30994
PP-141 Sheikhpura-VII Mahmood ul Haq Tiger PMLN 37390
PP-143 Sheikhpura-IX Sajjad Haider Nadeem Tiger PMLN 31388
PP-144 Lahore-I Sami Ullah Khan Tiger PMLN 45525
PP-145 Lahore-II Ghazali Saleem Butt Tiger PMLN 47344
PP-146 Lahore-III Muhammad Hamza Shehbaz Sharif Tiger PMLN 71389
PP-147 Lahore-IV Mujtaba Shuja ur Rehman Tiger PMLN 63297
PP-148 Lahore-V Shahbaz Ahmed Tiger PMLN 60608
PP-149 Lahore-VI Marghoob Ahmed Tiger PMLN 66960
PP-150 Lahore-VII Bilal Yaseen Tiger PMLN 56035
PP-152 Lahore-IX Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan Tiger PMLN 43668
PP-153 Lahore-X Khwaja Imran Nazeer Tiger PMLN 44556
PP-154 Lahore-XI Chaudhry Akhtar Ali Tiger PMLN 53529
PP-155 Lahore-XII Malik Ghulam Habib Awan Tiger PMLN 39514
PP-156 Lahore-XIII Malik Muhammad Waheed Tiger PMLN 52739
PP-157 Lahore-XIV Khwaja Salman Rafiq Tiger PMLN 40076
PP-162 Lahore-XIX Muhammad Yasin Amir Tiger PMLN 42012
PP-163 Lahore-XX Nasir Ahmed Tiger PMLN 32442
PP-164 Lahore-XXI Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif Tiger PMLN 40086
PP-165 Lahore-XXII Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif Tiger PMLN 43320
PP-166 Lahore-XXIII Ramzan Siddiqui Tiger PMLN 42068
PP-168 Lahore-XXV Khwaja Saad Rafique Tiger PMLN 34114
PP-169 Lahore-XXVI Akhtar Hussain Tiger PMLN 31458
PP-171 Lahore XXVIII Rana Muhammad Tariq Tiger PMLN 30663
PP-172 Lahore-XXIX Muhammad Mirza javeed Tiger PMLN 23834
PP-174 Kasur-I Muhammad Naeem Safdar Tiger PMLN 55470
PP-175 Kasur-II Malik Ahmed Saeed Khan Tiger PMLN 42136
PP-176 Kasur-III Malik Muhammad Ahmed Khan Tiger PMLN 50314
PP-178 Kasur-V Sheikh Alla ud Din Tiger PMLN 37320
PP-181 Kasur-VIII Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan Tiger PMLN 44592
PP-182 Kasur-IX Muhammad Ilyas Khan Tiger PMLN 43002
PP-183 Okara-I Javed Alauddin Sajid Tiger PMLN 42426
PP-185 Okara-III Chaudhry Iftikhat Hussain Chichar(Winner) Tiger PMLN 48910
PP-186 Okara-IV Noor ul Amin Tiger PMLN 57439
PP-187 Okara-V Ali Abbas Tiger PMLN 44505
PP-188 Okara-VI Mian Yawar Zaman Tiger PMLN 54760
PP-189 Okara-VII Muneeb ul Haq Tiger PMLN 69524
PP-190 Okara-VIII Ghulam Raza Tiger PMLN 42090
PP-192 Pakpattan-II Naveed Ali Tiger PMLN 46867
PP-195 Pakpattan-V Kashif Ali Chishty Tiger PMLN 48654
PP-196 Sahiwal-I Khizer Hayat Tiger PMLN 50329
PP-197 Sahiwal-II Malik Nadeem Kamran Tiger PMLN 63219
PP-198 Sahiwal-III Mohammad Arshad Malik Tiger PMLN 46273
PP-199 Sahiwal-IV Naveed Aslam khan Lodhi Tiger PMLN 41660
PP-200 Sahiwal-V Rana Riaz Ahmed Tiger PMLN 48922
PP-206 Khanewal-IV Nishat Ahmed Khan Tiger PMLN 51353
PP-208 Khanewal-VI Babar Hussain Abid Tiger PMLN 54969
PP-209 Khanewal-VII Muhammad Faisal Khan Niazi Tiger PMLN 55214
PP-210 Khanewal-VIII Atta ur Rehman Tiger PMLN 48797
PP-221 Multan-XI Rana Ejaz Ahmed Noon Tiger PMLN 47886
PP-223 Multan-XIII Naghma Mushtaq Tiger PMLN 46149
PP-225 Lodhran-II Peerzada Muhammad Jahangir Bhutta Tiger PMLN 40271
PP-226 Lodhran-III Shah Muhammad Tiger PMLN 41818
PP-227 Lodhran-IV Khan Muhammad Siddique Khan Baloch Tiger PMLN 46072
PP-229 Vehari-I Muhammad Yousuf Tiger PMLN 40421
PP-230 Vehari-II Khalid Mehmood Tiger PMLN 36916
PP-231 Vehari-III Mian Irfan Aqueel Daultana Tiger PMLN 17110
PP-234 Vehari-VI Muhammad Saqib Khurshid Tiger PMLN 37953
PP-239 Bahawalnagar-III Rana Abdur Rauf Tiger PMLN 42495
PP-240 Bahawalnagar-IV Muhammad Jameel Tiger PMLN 23639
PP-241 Bahawalnagar-V Kashif Mehmood Tiger PMLN 48543
PP-242 Bahawalnagar-VI Zahid Akram Tiger PMLN 41100
PP-243 Bahawalnagar-VII Ch Mazhar Iqbal Tiger PMLN 46076
PP-244 Bahawalnagar-VIII Muhammad Arshad Tiger PMLN 40110
PP-245 Bahawalpur-I Zaheer Iqbal Tiger PMLN 47177
PP-247 Bahawalpur-III Muhammad Kazim peerzada Tiger PMLN 51420
PP-248 Bahawalpur-IV Muhammad Afzal Gill Tiger PMLN 48829
PP-251 Bahawalpur-VI Malik Khalid Mehmood Babar Tiger PMLN 43047
PP-252 Bahawalpur-VIII Mian Muhammad Shoaib Awaisi Tiger PMLN 45458
PP-260 Rahim Yar Khan-VI Muhammad Arshad Javed Tiger PMLN 35791
PP-267 Rahim Yar Khan-XIII Chaudhary Muhammad Shafiq Anwar Tiger PMLN 42272
PP-268 Muzaffargarh-I Malik Ghulam Qasim Hanjra Tiger PMLN 30432
PP-269 Muzaffargarh-II Azhar Abbas Tiger PMLN 28293
PP-283 Layyah-IV Ijaz Ahmed Tiger PMLN 46221

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