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Pakpattan District UC List MNA MPA Seats پاکپتن ضلع کی یونین کونسلز

Pakpattan District UC List MNA MPA Seats پاکپتن ضلع کی یونین کونسلز

Pakpattan district is part of Sahiwal division. It has two Tehsils i.e. Arifwala and Pakpattan. The total population of district Pakpattan according to 1998 census was 1286000 persons. Mazar of Baba Fareed Chishti is located in Pakpattan city. The original name of Pakpattan city was Ajodhan. Hazrat Baba Fareed Uddin Ganj Shakar renamed it. Pakpattan city is located at distance of 207 K.M from Lahore city. It is situated at 205 K.M from Multan city. Malka Hans is very Ancient and famous town in Pakpattan district.

Map of Pakpattan District

Pakpattan District Map with Tehsils
Pakpattan District Map with Tehsils

Tehsils of district Pakpattan

There are two Tehsils in district Pakpattan they are

  • Tehsil Arifwala
  • Tehsil Pakpattan

National assembly seats with elected MNA’s in 2013

  • NA 164 Pakpattan-I MNA Sardar Mansab Ali Dogar (PMLN)
  • NA 165 Pakpattan-II MNA Syed Muhammad Athar Hussain Shah Gilani (PMLN)
  • NA 166 Pakpattan-III MNA Rana Zahid Hussain Khan (PMLN)

Punjab Assembly seats with elected MPA’s in 2013

  • PP 227 Pakpattan-I MPA Mian Atta Muhammad Manika (PMLN)
  • PP 228 Pakpattan-II MPA Mian Naveed Ali (PMLN)
  • PP-229 Pakpattan-III MPA Ahmed Shah Khagga (PMLQ)
  • PP 230 Pakpattan-IV MPA Dr. Farukh Javed (PMLN)
  • PP 231 Pakpattan-V MPA Peer Kashif Ali Chishti (PMLN)

Municipal Committees in District Pakpattan

  1. Pakpattan Municipal Committee
  2. Arifwala Municipal Committee

Chairman / Vice Chairman List of District Pakpattan (Zila Council & MCs)

پاکپتن ضلع کی یونین کونسلز کا مکمل ریکارڈ

Union Council List Of District Council Pakpattan
Union Council (UC) No. UC Name (areas)
UC No 1 Hella wattoan
UC No 2 Tiwana Kalan
UC No 3 Bunga hayat
UC No 4 Chak Bedi
UC No 5 Chak No. 26-Sp
UC No 6 Chak NO.11-SP / Noor Muhammad
UC No 7 Chak NO. 17-SP
UC No 8 Chak No. 15-SP
UC No 9 Kumhari Wala
UC No 10 Musewal
UC No 11 Buyal Ganj
UC No 12 Pir Ghani
UC No 13 Jagga Baloch
UC No 14 Behram Pur
UC No 15 Feroz Pur Chishtian
UC No 16 Kalyana
UC No 17 Hota
UC No 18 Chak No. 15-KB
UC No 19 Pakka Sadhar
UC No 20 Dhawana
UC No 21 Chak No. 37-SP
UC No 22 Chak No. 30-Sp
UC No 23 Malka Hans
UC No 24 Dhappai
UC No 25 Chak Sandhay Khan
UC No 26 Chak No. 93-D / Noor Pur
UC No 27 Chak No. 85-D
UC No 28 Chak No. 96-D
UC No 29 Chak No. 59-EB
UC No 30 Chak No. 115-EB
UC No 31 Chak No. 34-EB
UC No 32 Chak No. 50-Sp
UC No 33 Chak Shaffi
UC No 34 Chak Jewan Shah
UC No 35 Chak No. 13-EB
UC No 36 Chak No. 75-EB
UC No 37 Chak No. 69-EB
UC No 38 Kaboola
UC No 39 Peer Sadar Din
UC No 40 Noora Rath
UC No 41 Machi Singh
UC No 42 Chak No. 18-KB
UC No 43 Jamoo Bodla
UC No 44 Arazi Dilawar
UC No 45 Chak Mehdi khan
UC No 46 Chak No. 163-EB
UC No 47 Chak No. 147-EB
UC No 48 Chak NO. 351-EB
UC No 49 Chak No. 86-EB
UC No 50 Chak no. 66-EB
UC No 51 Chak No. 48-EB
UC No 52 Chak No. 83-EB
UC No 53 Chak NO. 109-EB
UC No 54 Chak No. 137-EB / Moin Kot

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