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Zhob District UC List, MNA MPA Seats and Profile

Zhob District UC List, MNA MPA Seats ژوب ضلع کی یونین کونسلز

Zhob district and divisional headquarter of Balochistan Province. Zhob division has six districts i.e. Barkhan District, Killa Saifullah District, Loralai District, Musakhel District, Sherani District and Zhob District. The total area of district is 16000 square kilometers. According to census 1998 it has population of 193000 persons. Majority of people has their mother tongue Pashto. Zhob district was created in 1890.

Map of Zhob District with Tehsils complete

Zhob District complete Map with Tehsils
Zhob District complete Map with Tehsils

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Tehsils of Distict Zhob

There are two Tehsils in Zhob district they are

  1. Tehsil Zhob
  2. Tehsil kakar Khurasan

National Assembly Seats according to 2013 General Elections

  • NA 264 Zhob / Sherani / Killa Saifullah MNA Moulana Muhammad Khan Sherani (JUIF)

MNA Address and Contact Number:-

Zhob/Sherani/ Killa Saifullah
Moulana Mohammad Khan Sherani JUI-F Killi Mir Alikhel District Sherani
J-107, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Mobile Phone No. 0333-5233887

Balochistan Assembly seats according to 2013 General Elections

  • PB 18 Zhob / Sherani MPA Mufti Gulab Khan (JUIF)
  • PB 19 Zhob MNA Jaffar Khan Mando khel (PMLQ)

ژوب ضلع کی یونین کونسلز کا مکمل ریکارڈ

Washuk Union Council

 ژوب ضلع کی یونین کونسلز

Washuk Municipal Committee
Union Council No. Union Council Name  No. & Name Of Ward No. Of Ward Name of Ward
UC No. 1 Sambazah 1.Karigran, 2.Romaka Hamzah Khail, 3.Anzara, 4.Ahmed Khail-I, 5.Ahmed Khail-II, 6.Gul Kach-I, 7.Gul Kach-II, 8.Zamaki, 9.Babakar Khail Ward No. 1 Ward No. 1
UC No. 2 Gastoi Mandokhail 1.Bagh-I, 2.Bagh-II, 3.Bagh-III, 4.Killi Rahim Dad, 5.Hamza Khail-I, 6.Hamza Khail-II, 7.Hamza Khail-III, 8.Hazma Khail-IV, 9.Nani Khail-II Ward No. 2 Ward No. 2
UC No. 3 Sheikhan Sheikhan-I, 2.Sheikhan-II, 3.Sheikhan-III, 4.Sheikhan-IV, 5.Sheikhan-V, 6.New Abadi Sheikhan, 7.Sohai Sheikhan-I, 8.Sohai Sheikhan-II, 9.Sohai Sheikhan-III Ward No. 3 Ward No. 3
UC No. 4 Appozai 1.Appozai Ghobandi-I, 2.Appozai Ghobandi-II, 3.Appozai Saqi-I, 4.Appozai Saqi-II, 5.Appozai Saqi-III, 6.Kot Appozai, 7.Shah Appozai, 8.Shah Appozai-II, 9.Shah Appozai-III,10.Ghobani, 11.Paryano Ghundai Ward No. 4 Ward No. 4
UC No. 5 Omza 1.Omza Mersenzai-I, 2.Omza Mersenzai-II, 3.Omza Mersenzai-III, 4.Omza Yasinzai-I, 5.Viala Sherak, 6.Viala Sherak-Killi Malak Mir Jan, 7.Dhara-I, 8.Dhara-II, 10.Kila Akhtar Ward No. 5 Ward No. 5
UC No. 6 Takai 1.Takai-I, 2.Takai-II, 3.Takai-III, 4.Takai-IV, 5.Takai-V, 6.Takai-VI,7.Takai-VII Ward No. 6 Ward No. 6
UC No. 7 Hassanzai 1.Hassanzai-I, 2.Hassanzai-II, 3.Hassanzai-III, 4.Hassanzai-IV,5.Hassanzai-V,6.Hassanzai-VI, 7.Hassanzai-VII, 8.Hassanzai-VIII Ward No. 7 Ward No. 7
UC No. 8 Wala Akram Wala Akram-I, 2.Wala Akram-II, 3.Wala Akram-III, 4.Wala Akram-IV, 5.Kachai Patoni, 6.Shamozai Malayan, 7.Sanzali Babar Ward No. 8 Ward No. 8
UC No. 9 Laka Band 1.Laka Band, 2.Hyderzai-I (Dewal), 3.Hyderzai-II, 4.Adozai-I, 5.Adozai-II, 6.Barwala, 7.Ahmedzai, 8.Kot, 9.Hadezai, 10.Patawo Zakozai Ward No. 9 Ward No. 9
UC No. 10 Tang Sar 1.Tang Sar Sharqi-I, 2.Tang Sar Sharqi-II, 3.Tang Sar Sharqi-III, 4.Tang Sar Sharki-IV,5.Tang Sar Sharqi-V, 6.Tang Sar Gharbi-I,7.Tang Sar Gharbi-II, 8.Tang Sar Gharbi-III, 9.Zehrozai Ward No. 10 Ward No. 10
UC No. 11 Ghundi Sulemanzai/Khosti 1.Khosti-I, 2.Khosti-II, 3.Khosti-III, 4.Khosti-IV, 5.Khosti-V, 6.Khosti-VI, 7.Takhaya Sulemanzai, 8.Ghundi Sulemanzai-I, 9.Shamamzai, 10.Khadozai Ward No. 11 Ward No. 11
UC No. 12 Murgha Kibzai Murgha Kibzai-I, 2.Murgha Kibzai-II, 3.Murgha Kibzai-III, 4.Murgha Kibzai-IV, 5.Murgha Kibzai-V, 6.Pitaw-I, 7.Pitaw-II, 8.Heer-I, 9.Herr-II, 10Heer-III Ward No. 12 Ward No. 12
UC No. 13 Barak Wal 1.Barakwal-I, 2.Barakwal-II, 3.Toda Kudezai-I, 4.Toda Kudezai-II, 5.Kakhaw-I, 6.Kakhaw-II, 7.Kakhaw-III, 8.Kakhaw-IV,9.Kakhaw-V Ward No. 13 Ward No. 13
UC No. 14 Garda Babar 1.Garda Babar-I, 2.Garda Babar-II, 3.Garda Babar-III, 4.Garda Babar-IV, 5.Marehel Shabzai-III, 6.Landiyan, 7.Ibrahim Khail-I, 8.Ibrahim Khail-II Ward No. 14 Ward No. 14
UC No. 15 Al-Gadh Babar 1.Sadozai, 2.Shadezai Gulak, 3.Mad Zai, 4.Usman Zai, 5.Mandezai, 6.Lajmir Shadezai, 7.Al-Gadh Orbalan-II, 8.Kochezai Ward No. 15 Ward No. 15
UC No. 16 Meena Bazaar 1.Meena Bazaar-I, 2.Mena Bazaar-II, 3.Mena Bazar-III, 4.Mena Bazar-IV, 5.Mena Bazar-V, 6.Mouza Dodazai, 7.Mouza Gardi Musazai, 8.Khawajazai Ward No. 16 Ward No. 16
UC No. 17 Saubakzai (Tor Tangi) 1.Sabak Zai, 2.Yaqoob Zai, 3.Dhana Abdullah Zai-I, 4.Dhana Abdullah Zai-II, 5.Tor Tangi-I, 6.Tor Tangi-II Ward No. 17 Ward No. 17
UC No. 18 Shahabzai 1.Shahabzai-I, 2.Shahabzai-II, 3.Shahabzai-III, 4.Malwar-I, 5.Malwar-II, 6.Ali Khanzai-I, 7.Khazai-II, 8.Khanzai-III, 9.Jhalar-I, 10.Jhalar-II, 11.Worsak, 12.Wani, 13.Huramzai-I, 14.Huramzai-ii, 15.Huramzai-III, 16.Huramzai-IV Ward No. 18 Ward No. 18
UC No. 19 Badenzai 1.Arzan Zai, 2.Essazai, 3.Shenkai Ghundi, 4.Maroofzai, 5.Jan Abad, 6.Draban, 7.Tora Shah, 8.Gujezai, 9.Rakhpor-I, 10.Rakhpor-II, 11.Rakhpor-III, 12.Rakhpur-IV, 13.Chenezai, 14.Todazai Ward No. 19 Ward No. 19
UC No. 20 Mir Ali Khel 1.Mir Ali Khel, 2.Safi Kot, 3.Shearan, 4.Akozai, 5.Akozai Husainzai, 6.Mandezai, 7.Gadai Khail-I, 8.Gadai Khel-II, 9.Gadai Khail-III, 10.Gadai Khail-IV, 11.Gadai Khail-V, 12.Gadai Khail-VI, 13.Gadai Khail-VII, 14.Gadai Khail-VIII, 15.Killi Kakazai Peswandai Ward No. 20 Ward No. 20
UC No. 21 Narazai Upper Narazai-I, 2.Upper Narazai-II, 3.Lower Narazai-III, 4.Khojakzai-I, 5.Khojakzai-II, 6.Barunj-I, 7.Barunj-II, 8.Barunj-III< 9.Kharwandai-I, 10.Kharwandai-II, 11.Tararai-I, 12.Tararai-II Ward No. 21 Ward No. 21
UC No. 22 Qamar Din 1.Qamar Din-I, 2.Qamar Din-II, 3.Qamar Din-III, 4.Qamar Din-IV, 5.Qamar Din-V, 6.Qamar Din-VI, 7.Qamar Din-VII Tarva Lawoon, 8.Saleh Karez-I, 9.Saleh Karez-II, 10.Saleh Karez-III Ward No. 22 Ward No. 22
UC No. 23 Sheghalow Sheghalow (Mardanzai), 2.Wlardan Zai-II, 3.Mardanzai-III, 4.Mardanzai-IV, 5.Mardanzai-V, 6.Mardanzai-VI, 7.Mardanzai-VII, 8.Mardanzai-VIII, 9.Mardanzai-IX, 10.Mardanzai-X, 11.Mardanzai-XI, 12.Batozai Malik Asmatullah Ward No. 23 Ward No. 23
UC No. 24 Ashewat Kunder-I, 2.Kunder-II, 3.Kunder-III, 4.Kunder-IV, 5.Kashitoo-I Kanokai, 6.Kashitoo-II, 7.Kashitoo-III, 8.Kashitoo-IV, 9.Kashitoo-V Ward No. 24 Ward No. 24
Ward No. 25 Ward No. 25
Ward No. 26 Ward No. 26
Ward No. 27 Ward No. 27
Ward No. 28 Ward No. 28
Ward No. 29 Ward No. 29
Ward No. 30 Ward No. 30
Ward No. 31 Ward No. 31
Ward No. 32 Ward No. 32
Ward No. 33 Ward No. 33

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