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Jhang District UC Names, MNA MPA Seats جھنگ ضلع کی یونین کونسلز

Jhang District UC Names, MNA MPA Seats جھنگ ضلع کی یونین کونسلز

Jhang District is a part of Faisalabad Division. Its Boundary touches with 8 districts of Punjab i.e. Faisalabad District, Toba taik Singh District, Khanewal District, Layya District, Bakhar District, Khushab District, Sargodha District and Chiniot District. Before 1904 Faisalabad Tehsil was part of Jhang District. There is one cantonment in Jhang District which is Shorkot Kent. There are four Tehsils in this district. There are five municipal Committees. According to 1998 census total population of Jhang district was 1869000 persons. The headquarter of district is Jhang city. Jhang District was established in 1849.

Notable people of district Jhang are Sultan Bahu (Sufi), Abdus salam (Nobel Prize Holder In Physics), Aleem dar (Cricketer), Tahir ul Qadri (Chairman Pakistan Awami Tehrik). Haq Nawaz Jhangvi (Late), Abida Hussain and Faisal Saleh Hayat.

New Map Jhang District
New Map Jhang District

District Chiniot Political Profile

District T.T.Singh Political Profile

District Faisalabad Political Profile

Tehsils of District Jhang

Jhang district has four Tehsils i.e.Tehsil Jhang, Tehsil athara hazare, Tehsil Shorkot and Tehsil Ahmed Pur sial.

National assembly seats with elected MNA’s in 2013

  • NA 88 Ghulam Bibi Bharwana (PMLN),
  • NA 89 Sheikh Muhammad Akram (PMLN),
  • NA 90 Sahibzada Muhammad Nazir Sultan ( Independent),
  • NA 91 Najaf Abbas Sial ( Independent ).

Jhang MNAs Profiles

Mrs. Ghulam Bibi Bharwana
♣ Satiana, P/O Khas, Tehsil & District Jhang.
♠ F-208, Islamabad
Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Akram
♣ Opposite SSP House Civil Lines Jhang
♠ A-310, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad
Mobile No. 0321-6500111
Mr. Sahibzada Muhammad Nazeer Sultan
♣ 17-Zafar Ali Road, Lahore Cantt.
♠ F-304, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Cell No. 0300-6662777
Mr. Najaf Abbas Sial
♣ Dur-I-Najaf, Ahmad Pur Sial, District Jhang
♠ J-303, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Mobile Phone No.0301-2404040

Punjab Assembly seats with elected MPA’s in 2013

  • PP 77 Khurram Abbas Sial ( Independent),
  • PP 78 Mrs. Rashida Yaqqub ( PMLN ),
  • PP 79 Mhr Khalid Mehmood Sargana (PMLN),
  • PP 80 Khalid Ghani Chaudhry (PMLN),
  • PP 81 Iftikhar Ahmed Khan (PMLN),
  • PP 82 Mian Muhammad Azam Chela (PMLN),
  • PP 83 Muhammad Aon Abbas ( Independent)

Municipal Committees in Jhang

  1. Jhang Municipal Committee
  2. Garh Maharaja Municipal Committee
  3. 18-Hazari Municipal Committee
  4. Shorkot Municipal Committee
  5. Ahmed Pur Sial Municipal Committee

جھنگ ضلع کی یونین کونسلز کا مکمل ریکارڈ

Jhang district has total 91 union councils of which, 44 are in Jhang tehsil, 29 in Shorkot tehsil, 16 in Ahmad Pur Sial tehsil and 11 in 18- Hazari tehsil.

Mr. Babar Ali Khan Sial Elected Chairman Zila Council Jhang on Dec 22, 2016. He belongs to Union Council No.85, Rasheedpur Tehsil Athari Hazari.

Babar Ali Khan Sial - Chairman Jhang District Council
Babar Ali Khan Sial – Chairman Jhang District Council

Union Council List Of District Council Jhang

Union Council (UC) No. UC Name (area)
UC  No.1 Chak No. 159-JB / Makhdoom Zada Syed Assad Hayat IND
UC  No.2 Chak No.250-JB /
UC  No.3 Chak No. 169-JB
UC  No.4 Chak No. 259-JB
UC  No.5 Satiana
UC  No.6 Khewa
UC  No.7 Sultan Pur
UC  No.8 Mukhiana UC Chairman Mehr Muhammad Aslam Bharwana elected unopposed
UC  No.9 Chak No. 175-JB
UC  No.10 Chak No. 450-JB / Mahar Farid Naul IND
UC  No.11 Chak No. 182-JB / Mochiwala / Wajid Ali IND
UC  No.12 Chak No. 265-JB
UC  No.13 Sheikh Chohar
UC  No.14 Pakkaywala UC Chairman  ASLAM PERVEZ NAUL

Aslam Pervaiz Naul UC 14 Pakkay Wala

UC  No.15 Civil Station
UC  No.16 Kot Sai Singh
UC  No.17 Chak No. 215-JB / Jalal Khan IND
UC  No.18 Chak No. 446-JB / Khoi adda / Khawaja Ziaul Hassan IND
UC  No.19 Basti Ghazi Shah / Rana Azhar Hussain PMLN
UC  No.20 Chak Ghumnana / Ghulam Shabbir Tahir IND
UC  No.21 Hasnana / Ameer Hussain PMLN
UC  No.22 Bagh / Syed Safdar Shah IND
UC  No.23 Chak No. 463-JB / Mumtaz Hussain IND
UC  No.24 Ashaba / Jahangir Dinga (died in Oct 2016) 

Jahangir Dinga UC 24 Ashaba dist Jhang Chairman died in oct 2016

UC  No.25 Lak Badhar
UC  No.26


UC  No.27 Mansoor Sial
UC  No.28 Qadeemi
UC  No.29 Haveli Lal
UC  No.30 Peer Kot Sadhana / Mushtaq Hussain Sadhana IND
UC  No.31 Massan / Ashraf IND
UC  No.32 Haveli Sheikh Raju / Saleem Qureshi IND
UC  No.33 Chaila / Iftikhar Hussain Baslala IND
UC  No.34 Qadir Pur Bakhsha / Ansar Abbas PMLN
UC  No.35 Chund Bharwana / lqbal Hussain Daultana PMLN
UC  No.36 Kot Khan / Tahir Shah IND
UC  No.37 Shah Jewna
UC  No.38 Ratta Matta
UC  No.39 Puber wala
UC  No.40 kariwala
UC  No.41 Mahar wali
UC  No.42 Chatta
UC  No.43 Dhori wala
UC  No.44 Kot Essa Shah
UC  No.45 Haveli Bahadar Shah  مخدوم عون عباس قریشی یو سی چیرمین
UC  No.46 Rustam Sargana
UC  No.47 Chak No. 478-JB
UC  No.48 Chaiyan wala
UC  No.49 Mahram Sial
UC  No.50 Qaim Bharwana
UC  No.51 Chak No. 493-JB
UC  No.52 Shah Sadiq Nehang / Sadar Ali Raza IND
UC  No.53 Allah Yar Joota / Umar Ali PMLN
UC  No.54 Bhangoo / Haji Zawar Hussain IND
UC  No.55 Chak No. 497-JB / Mian Muhammad Sharif Kathia IND
UC  No.56 Budh Rajbana / Jabar Ali Khan IND
UC  No.57 Shorkot Shumali Janubi / Shahbaz Ali IND
UC  No.58 Kotla Muhammad Zareef Khan / Saad Ullah IND
UC  No.59 Chak No. 3 Gagh / Manzoor Hussain IND
UC  No.60 Khaki Lakhi / Munir Hussain IND
UC  No.61 Kakki Nau doim / Mian lqbal Hussain IND
UC  No.62 Kakki Nau soim /  Muhammad Nawaz IND
UC  No.63 Dab Kalam / Akhtar Abbas IND
UC  No.64 Ghuman Mari / Sajjad Hussain IND
UC  No.65 Hassu Balail /
UC  No.66 Fateh Pur Parity
UC  No.67 Kot Bahadar Shah
UC  No.68 Meer Muhammad
UC  No.69 Durri Gondal
UC  No.70 Kot Mapal
UC  No.71 Mehmood Kot
UC  No.72 Gadara / Intekhab Haider PMLN
UC  No.73 Jaiwan
UC  No.74 Hazrat Sultan Bahoo
UC  No.75 Kapoori
UC  No.76 Peer Abdul Rehman
UC  No.77 Kundal Khokhran
UC  No.78 Ranjeet Kot
UC  No.79 Saman Doana
UC  No.80 Bangla Yasmeen
UC  No.81 Kot Murad / Kashif Surbana IND
UC  No.82 Rodu Sultan / Chaudhry Ishaq IND
UC  No.83 Ucgul Imam Chak 10-1 Thal / Qasim Khan Baloch IND
UC  No.84 Jabboana /  Muhammad Iqbal Khan Jabboana Sial Chairman Elected Unopposed
UC  No.85 Rasheed Pur / Babar Ali Khan Sial
UC  No.86 Wasu Astana / Mian Mehboob Chela IND
UC  No.87 Chak No. 7/ 2 Thal Janubi
UC  No.88 Doosa / Irshad Hussain Qureshi IND
UC  No.89 Chak No. 7 / 1 Thal Janubi / Gulshair Shah IND
UC  No.90 Chak No. 7 / 2 Thal Shumali / Nawaz Akbar IND
UC  No.91 Mari Shah Sakhira / UC Chairman Sheryar Baloch

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