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Toba Tek Singh History and Who Was Tek Singh?

History of Toba Tek Singh City Name

Toba Tek Singh History, Toba Taik Singh is district of Central Punjab. Toba Taik Singh City is its headquarter. Before 1982 it was tehsil of district Faisalabad. It is one of the district which has highest literacy rate.Two motorways are passing through this district M4 Faisalabad-Multan motorway is operation upto Gojra while rest of part is being constructed. Other motorway which is part of Lahore-Karachi motorway is also under-construction this motorway passes through Rajana and Peer Mahal. After completion of this project Toba Taik Singh will connect with CPEC Route.

Union Council Names of District T.T.Singh

History of Toba Taik Singh

Toba Tek Singh history, city name is famous for on the name of Sikh called (Taik Singh). Before Urbanization of this city at this place Pond was located in Punjabi language Pond is called Toba. The Tek Singh was very pious man. He surved People with the water of this pond. Then this place renounce   Toba Taik Singh. Before near future the name of Toba Tek Singh tried to change with new one But people of city refused to do so.


In British raj around 1890 number of canals were constructed by Britishers. They were Sandalbar and Neelibar. Railway Line also laid here. People from Jalandher, Hoshiarpur, Sialkot and Gujjranwala migrated here in search of land cultivation.

Farmer Movement (Kisaan Tehreek)

Toba Tek Singh is Center of Small farmers. After 1930 Socialism was very popular in Toba Taik Singh but the peak of (Kisaan Tehreek) was 1970 when Abdul Hameed Khan Bashani organized a big farmer conference in Toba Taik Singh.

Bradari System

Bradarri system is very strong in Toba Taik singh district. In Tehsil toba Taik Singh Arrain Brothery is in majority while in Gojra tehsil a mixture of jatt, Gojar and Rajput can be seen. Jatts are politically strong in Tehsil Kamaliya. Kharal Rajpoot are very Strong but Arrain Brothery challenge them.


Dr. Fareed Bakhsh (Late) Constructed high school in 1920 then it became degree college. Here a school is also famous located at Maurusi pur. No. of Personalities taught here and after that they served in USA and Canada.

Local Government

The district chairman of Toba Taik Singh belongs to PMLN her name is Fauzia Khalid Warraich. She is wife of Chaudhry Khalid Javed Warraich MNA. The chairman of town committee Toba Taik Singh belongs to PTI. While Chaudhry Muhammad Ishfaq is central leader of PTI.

Javed Hafeez Column on TT Singh in Dunya Newspaper Dec 2016

Liquor (Sharab) killed 27 persons on 25 December 2016

On the eve of Christmas, the Christians and along with Muslim men drunk the Sharab. The almost 27 person died. Tis was very tragic day for the city of Toba Tek Singh.

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