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NA-95 Gujranwala Constituency Areas, Result and Map

NA-95 Gujranwala Constituency Areas, Result and Map

In GE Election 2013 the constituency of NA-95 Gujranwala contest was between following candidates of PMLN, PTI and PPPP. Usman Ibrahim was candidate of Pakistan Muslim League (N). He got 108400 votes. Ali Ashraf was candidate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. He received 27800 votes. While at third position Ch Muhammad Siddique obtained 15900 votes. Thus winner MNA was PMLN’s Usman Ibrahim.

NA-95 Summary Result Election 2013

  1. Usman Ibrahim (PMLN) votes 108400
  2. Ali Ashraf (PTI) votes 27800
  3. Kaleem Ahmed Bhatti (PPPP) votes 15900
  4. Muhammad Ashrafi (Independent) votes 8400

MNA Address and Mobile Phone Contact No.

Usman Ibrahim PML(N) Gali Haji Ibrahim Wali Gulshan Abad, Gujranwala
J-301, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Mobile No. 0321-9645911

Prediction for Election 2018

This constituency is strong hold of PMLN. In 2013 election  election Usman Ibrahim was candidate from PMLN.  PPP, PMLN, and PTI are busy in planning. While PPPP is also fluxing their muscles.

Map of areas of NA 95 Gujranwala-I

NA-95 Gujranwala Area Map
NA-95 Gujranwala Area Map

NA-89 Jhang Profile

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Gujranwala City UC List, MNA MPA Seats

NA 95 Gujranwala Areas Detail

Area Name (Mohalla, Town, Colony, Housing Scheme, Village) This halqa bandi was used in general elections of 2002, 2018 and 2013. While it is expected that after completion of Pakistan Census  2017, new “halqa bandees” will be held and changes in areas and constituencies are being expected.

Gujranwala City

Abad Kelay wali
Abadi Kelay wali
Abadi Lal Hussain
Abadi Marabe Karkhane wali
Abadi Mehar Wazir
Abadi Mehar Wazir Moman abad
Abadi Qabristan road
Abazi Qabristan road
Abu Baqar Park
Ahsan Town
Ahssan Town Latif Socity
Ajmal Town
Ajmal Town Gulberg colony
Allah Bashk Colony
Allah Bux Colnoy
Androon Eminabadi Gate
Androon Khiali Gate
Arshad Town
Asad Colony
Asad Colony Cheema abadi
Asad Colony/Masjid Noor-e-Madina
Asghar Colony
Asif colony Madina colony
Asmat ullah Town
Awais Park, Javed Town Mian Sansi
Baghban Pura Hafizabad road
Baghban Pura Jinah road
Bakhta Wala
Bakhtay Wala
Bala abadi
Barra Gala Nowshera road
Bata abadi
Bazar Babrian road
Bazar Gorre shah Hafizabad road
Bazar No. 2 Irfat Colony
Behaari Colony Gujranwala
Block No.2 Mujahid Pura
Bukhari Colony
Caperi Colony
Cha Telian wala Moman abad
Cha Telian wala Noshehra road
Cha Tellianwala Noshehra road
Chaman Shah Road
Chand Kariana Store
Cherag nagar
Chowk Ghanta Ghar Circular road
Chowk Melade Musfifia Kache Bartan wala Bazar
Chowk Melade Mustifa
Chowk Melade Mustifia Kache Bartab wala Bazar
Chowk Naian Fazal fauuit Market
Chowk Nathey wala
Chowk Niaaan Fazal Faruit Market
Colony Haji Ghulam Hussain Kallar abad
Dabar Husssian Shah
Dispsal Road
Eminabadi Darwaza
Essa Nagri
Faisal Colony
Faisal Colony Muslim Bazar
Fardous Colony
Gala Goga Pehlwan
Gala Haroon wala Noshehra road
Gala Mehar Noor wala
Gala Qadria Darbar Bushra road
Gala Qadria Darbar Hafizabad road
Gala Qadria Dardar Bushra road
Gala Shoukat Rehman Noshehra road
Gala Shoukat Rehmani Noshehra road
Gala Tarran Wala Khurshed Aalm Street
Gali Bazazan Baghechi chowk
Gali Cha Bawa wali Mubarik shah road
Gali Cha Bawan wali Mubarik shah road
Gali Chawalianwali Chowk Beri wala
Gali Fazal Din Thane wala Bazar
Gali Gartallian Hafizabad road
Gali Haji Abdul Karim
Gali Haji Ghulam Hussain
Gali Haji Meer din
Gali Master Ibrahim Noshera road
Gali Master Ibrahim Nowshera road
Gali Master Ibramin Noshera road
Gali Muhammad Rafiq Main Sheikhupura Road
Gali Nale wali Gulshan abad
Gali Nale wali Gulshan road
Gali Nathu Jat Gali Khair din
Gali No 2 to 8 Gala Goga Pehlwan
Gali No 25 Gulshan abad sher Singh
Gali No 5 to 8 Haji Abdul Karim
Gali No. 17 Irfat Colony
Gali No. 2 Babu Naseeruddin
Gali No. 2 Baou Naseeruddin
Gali No. 2 to 8 Gala Goga Pehlwan
Gali No. 2 to Takbir Road Z-Block Peoples Colony
Gali No. 22 Irfat Colony
Gali No. 25 Gulshan abad Sher Singh
Gali No. 5 to 8 Haji Abdul Karim
Gali No.12 Irfat Colony
Gali No.12,13   21,24,25 Mujahid Pura
Gali No.17 Irfat Colony
Gali No.2 to Takbir Road Z-Block Peoples Colony
Gali No.22 Irfat Colony
Gali No.29 Irfat Colony
Gali No.8 Rasheed Colony
Gali No.9-13 Z-Block Peoples Colony
Gali School Wali Mukhtar Colony
Gali W to Canal Road Peoples Colony
Galla Darbar wala Mian Sansi
Galla Darbar wala, Mian Sansi
Ganda Nala Jinnah Road
Ghala  Mehar Noor wala
Ghala Abdul Rehaman Dhol wala
Ghala Abdul Rehman Dhol Wala
Ghala Ghulam  Muhammad Thaka Dar Muslim Road
Ghala Ghulam Muhamamd Thaka Dar Muslim Road
Ghala Ghulam Muhammad Theka Dar
Ghala mehar Bahgo Wala Musli Road
Ghala Mehar Bhago Wala Muslim
Ghala Mehar Noor Wala
Ghala Muhammad Theka Dar
Ghali ghartalyan hafizabad road
Ghali Meeran Shah
Ghali Meerna Shah
Ghali School wali mukhtar Colony
Gharbi Tawar Road Khiali
Ghazi abad
Ghlshan e karim
Ghulam Muhammad Thakedar Wala
Ghulshan abad
Ghulshan Adeel Coplony
Ghulshan Colony
Ghulshan Mumtaz Sarfraz Colony
Ghushan e Rehman
Girdo nawan Alasa Tenki
Girdo nawaz Asee Tenki
Gorre shah to Gala Haroon
Gulberg colony
Gulistan Colony Mubarik shah road
Gulshan e Karim
Gulshan e Rehman
Gulshin Adeel Colony
Gulshin, Mumtaz, Sarfaraz Colony
Gulzar Colony, Asad Colony
Gulzar Colony, Darogha Colony
Haashmi Colony
Hafizabad road
Haidery Road Mujahidpura Muslim Bazar
Haji Abdul Kareem Hera Medical store
Hashmi Colony
Ibrahim Town
Imran Colony Islam Pura
Irfat Colony
Irfat Colony Chamarra Mandi
Irfat Colony Haidery Road
Islam Pura
Jamia Masjid Muhammadia
Jamia Muhammadia
Jammiya Muhmmadi
Jinah road Muhammad Nagar
Jinnah Colony
Judicial Colony
Kallar abadi Gorre shah road
Kangani Wala
Kangani Wala, Kot Abdullah
Karkhana Sain Mushtaq
Karwan Chowk Mian Sansi
Karwan Chowk, Mian Sansi
Kashmeer Road
Kashmir Colony
Kashmir Colony, Haji Murad Hospital
Kashmir Road Hadiri Chowk
Kashmir Road Haidary Chowk
Khalid colony Hafizabad road
Khalid colony Moman Pura
Khalid colony Shafiq pura
Khalid colony Sharif pura
Khiali Near By Pass Road
Khiali Shah Pur
Khiali Shekhupura Road
Liaqat colony
Madina Bazar Cha Telian wala
Madina Chowk Silver Steel works
Madina Colony
Main Bazar mukhtar Colony
Main Gala Muhammad Nagar
Main Sheikhu pura Road
Marrian Road
Marrian Road Moh. Bilal Pura
Masjid Bilal Ganj
Masjid Khuda Dad
Meran G Town / Madina Town
Mian Gala Muhammad Nagar
Mian Sansi Bazar No. 1 Ali Sher
Moh chan Chuhana wala
Moh Pak Waris Noshera road
Moh. Chah Chuhana wala
Moh. Gosia Nai abadi Darogha Colony
Moh. Pak Waris Nowshera Road
Mohalla Tariq Abad G.T Road
Mohallah Bakhtay Wala
Mohallah Bakhtay Wala Allama Iqbal Road
Mohallah Qaim Ali Shah
Mohallah Salamat Pura
Mohallah Tariq abad GT Road
Moman abad
Moman abad A Gali No. 12
Moman abad B
Moman abad Cha Telian wala
Moman abad ChaTelian wala
Moman abad Noshehra raod
Moman abad Noshehra road
Mubarik colony Hafizabad road
Muhalah Islampura
Muhallah Islampura Haidery Road
Muhammad Nagar Data Ganj Bux
Muhammadi Town
Mujahid Pura Haidary Road
Mujahid Pura Kachi Dam Geer Wali
Mukhtar Colony
Mustifa abad Tawar Road
Nadeem abad
Nai Abadi Alama Iqbal Town
Nai Abadi Allama Iqbal Town
Nai abadi Noshenra sansi
Nai abadi Noshera sansi
Nasir  Road Muslim Road
Nasir Colony
Nasir Raod Muslim Road
Nasrullah abad
Naveed colony sui gas road
Naveed Town
Nawaz Colony
Nazir Park Kacha Khiali road
Noshehra road
Noshehra road Bagoban Pura Jinah road
Noshehra Sansi
Noshehra sansi raod
Noshera road Bagboan Pura Jinah road
Noshera sansi road
Parraoo Camp No.4
Parraoo Camp No.4 Wapda Colony
Pasroor Road
Peoples Colony
Purani abadi Khiali Sharqi
Qabristan road abadi Mehboob alam
Qalar Abadi Ghora Shah Raod
Qila Sunder Singh
Qila Sunder singh Awan Chowk
Race Course Road
Race Course Road Nasir Colony
Ramzan pura Gorre shah road
Rana Colony
Rasheed Colony Bazar No.2
Rashid Colony
Rehman pura
Rehmat Pura
Rehmat Pura Sui gas road
Saddique Colony
Saithy Palaza
Salam Pura, Jillana Road Madni Road
Sardar Colony
Sardar Colony Madni Road
Sarfraz abad
Sarfraz Colony
Sarfraz Colony ,Mumtaz colony
Shadman Colony Shahbaz Colony
Shadman Town
Shadman Town Umer Farooq Colony
Shafiq General store Noshehra road
Shafiq shaheed colony
Shaheen Pura
Shahzada Shaheed Colony
Sharif shaheed colony
Shehzada Shaheed Colony
Sheran wala Bagh Thane wala Bazar
Sialvi Town Gujranwala
Sialvi Town Noshehra road
Siraj Pura
Sui Gas Road
Tabarik Colony Khiali road
Tabarik Colony Khiali Shah Pur
Taj Town, Mian Sansi
Tariq abad
Tariq abad Ramzan Pura
Tariq abad Sultan Pura
Tawar Road
Tawar Road Khiali
Thana Khiali Shah Pur
Therri Sansi
Urfat Colony
Urfat Colony, Chamarra Mandi
Usman e Ghani colony Noshehra road
Wasan Pura Umer colony
W-Block Peoples Colony
Y-Block Madiana Road
Y-Block Madina Road
Y-Block Peoples Colony
Z-Block Gali No. 13-20 Peoples Colony
Z-Block Gali No. 2-9 Peoples Colony
Z-Block Gali No.13-20 Peoples Colony
Z-Block Gali No.2-9 Peoples Colony
Zubair Timber Hafizabad road

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