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Multan City UC List – Union Councils Detail ملتان سٹی کی یونین کونسلز

Multan City UC List – Union Councils Detail

ملتان سٹی کی یونین کونسلز

In Multan city there is one municipal corporation. the head of municipal corporation is mayor. While two deputy mayors works under his control. The total union councils of Multan city are 68 in numbers. Multan city is estimated population of 19 lac persons. There are 2 NA seats and 4 MPA seats in the city.  The elected Mayor of city is Chaudhry Naveed ul Haq Arain. He is brother of ex Punjab minister and MPA Mr. Abdul Waheed Arain.

Multan District Council UC Names and MNA, MPA Seats

Multan Local Body Election Result

Map of Multan City with Towns (Old)

Multan City Map with Towns
Multan City UC Map with Towns

Multan City MNA and MPA Seats Detail


  • NA 149 Multan-II MNA Makhdom Javed Hashmi (PTI) elected in general election 2013.  (in 2015 by election held after resignation of Javaid Hashmi, Malik Aamir Dogar won as independent candidate backed by PTI)
  • NA 150 Multan-III MNA Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi (PTI)
  • PP 194 Multan-I MPA Zaheer ud din Alizayi (PTI)
  • PP 195 Multan-II MPA Javed Akhter Ansari (PTI)
  • PP-196 Multan-III MPA Abdul Waheed Chaudhry (PMLN)
  • PP 197 Multan-IV MPA Muhammad Ehsan uddin Qureshi (PMLN)
  • PP 198 Multan-V MPA Peer Zada Mian Shehzad Maqbool Bhutta (PMLN)
  • PP-199 Multan-VI MPA Malik Muhammad Ali Khokhar (PMLN)

ملتان سٹی کی یونین کونسلز کا مکمل ریکارڈ

Municipal Corporation Multan ملتان میونسپل کارپوریشن

Union Council (UC) No. UC Name (area)
UC No 1 Nizam Abad (Aminabad, Kotla Tolay Khan)
UC No 2 Ameer Abad
UC No 3 Shadab Colony
UC No 4 Gulgust Colony
UC No 5 Usman Abad
UC No 6 Officers Colony
UC No 7 Abid Colony
UC No 8 Shamsabad
UC No 9 Wahdat Colony
UC No 10 Khushhal Colony
UC No 11 Hassan Abad
UC No 12 Mehria Colony
UC No 13 Bihari Colony
UC No 14 Shah Tukn e Alam Colony
UC No 15 New Multan
UC No 16 Ghous Pura
UC No 17 Shareef Pura
UC No 18 Momin Abad
UC No 19 Ansar Colony
UC No 20 Writers Colony
UC No 21 Awan Pura
UC No 22 Manzoor Abad
UC No 23 Muhallah Khajgan
UC No 24 Muhallah Hazariyan Wala
UC No 25 IttefaqPura
UC No 26 Iqbal Nagar
UC No 27 Qasab Pura
UC No 28 Shah Bring
UC No 29 Khanqah Innayat Shah
UC No 30 Shah Risal
UC No 31 Hassan Parwana Colony
UC No 32 Jaleel Abad
UC No 33 Baghban Pura
UC No 34 Bagh Langhay Khan / Qadeer Abad
UC No 35 Nishter Town
UC No 36 Sadiq Colony
UC No 37 Lateef Abad
UC No 38 Sheesha Factory
UC No 39 Gulnar Colony
UC No 40 Villawat Abad
UC No 41 Timber Market
UC No 42 Siddiqueabad
UC No 43 Ashraf Colony
UC No 44 Abbas Pura
UC No 45 Rangeel Pur
UC No 46 Peer Colony
UC No 47 Gulzaib Colony
UC No 48 Nazim Abad
UC No 49 Lohar Colony
UC No 50 Mumtaz abad
UC No 51 Qasim Pur Colony
UC No 52 Punjnad Colony
UC No 53 Ajmair Colony
UC No 54 Ram kali
UC No 55 Basti Shorkot
UC No 56 Ghous abad
UC No 57 Muhallah Kaman Garan
UC No 58 Muhallah Gilanian
UC No 59 Bazar Umer Farooq
UC No 60 Shah Gardez
UC No 61 Bakhar Arpi
UC No 62 Qutab Pur
UC No 63 Seetal Mari
UC No 64 Peeran Ghaib I
UC No 65 Peeran Ghaib-II
UC No 66 Jahangeera Abad Urban
UC No 67 Neel Kot
UC No 68 Taraf Mubarak Doim Urban

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