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Jacobabad District UC List, MNA MPA Seats جیکب آباد ضلع کی یونین کونسلز

Jacobabad District UC List with Winner Chairman/Vice Chairman, MNA MPA Seats جیکب آباد ضلع کی یونین کونسلز

Jacobabad district is part of Larkana Division. Its boundary is connected with Balochistan province. The district headquarter is Jacobabad city. It was named after a British general John Jacob in the year 1847. The spoken languages of district Jacobabad are Sindhi 93% and Balochi 4%. Shehbaz Air Base is part of Commercial Airport of Jacobabad. It is one of the important airport which was used by America during operation in Afghanistan in Last couple of years.

Map of Jacobabad District Complete

Taluka Jacobabad District Jacobabad Map
Taluka Jacobabad District Jacobabad Map

District Hyderabad Profile

District Dadu Profile

District Ghotki Profile

Tehsils or Talukas of District Jacobabad

Jacobabad district is divided into 44 Union Councils, 2 Municipal committees and 3 town Committees. The district is further divided into three Tehsils or Talukas they are

  1. Taluka Jacobabad
  2. Thul Taluka
  3. Taluka Garhi Khairo

National Assembly Seats according to 2013 General Elections

  • NA 208 Jacobabad MNA Ijaz Hussain Jakhrani (PPPP)
  • NA 209 Jacobabad / Kashmor MNA Mir Shabbir Ali Bijarani (PPPP)

Sindh Assembly seats according to 2013 General Elections

  • PS 13 Jacobabad-I MPA Mir Mumtaz Hussain Khan (PPPP)
  • PS 14 Jacobabad-II MPA Sardar Muhammad Muqeem Khan Khoso (PPPP)
  • PS-15 Jacobabad-III MPA Dr. Sohrab Khan Sarki (PPPP)
  • PS 16 Jacobabad / Kashmor MPA Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani (PPPP)

جیکب آباد ضلع کی یونین کونسلز کا مکمل ریکارڈ

District Council Jacobabad (Total UC = 44)

جیکب آباد ضلع کی یونین کونسلز

Union Council No. Union Council Name and Area Chairman / Vice Chairman
UC No. 1 Sher Khan Muhammad Nisar Ahmed Jamali / Abdul Lateef
UC No. 2 Allah Abad Qutub Khan / Nisar Ahmed
UC No. 3 Khuda abad Abdul Jabbar Khan / Ghulam Nabi
UC No. 4 Meeran Pur Parvaiz Khan Buledi / Khadim Hussain Malghani
UC No. 5 Jahan Pur Kareem Bakhsh / Bismillah Shah
UC No. 6 Alan Pur Syed Zahoor Ali Shah / Muhammad punhal Khan
UC No. 7 Sheran Pur Jahanzaib / Ali Asghar
UC No. 8 Doda Pur Raees Ayyaz Hussain Mangi / Ali Ahmed Jakhro
UC No. 9 Muhammad Pur Tariq Nabi Khan / Manzoor Ali Jakhrani
UC No. 10 Dasti Dilber Ali Dasti / Aziz Ullah Urf Abdul Aziz
UC No. 11 Ahmed Pur Ahmed Ali Sumro / Akhtiar Ahmed
UC No. 12 Baka Pur Abdul Bari / Israr Ahmed
UC No. 13 Rind Wahi Amanullah Khan / Kaleemullah
UC No. 14 Jani Dero Jageer Zafar Ali / Bahraam
UC No. 15 Mouladad Abdul Wali Khan / Muhammad Azam
UC No. 16 Nawra Tajo Din / Mehboob Ali
UC No. 17 Ramzan Pur Changez Khan / Mevo
UC No. 18 Qadir Pur Meer Zameer Hussain / Bahraam
UC No. 19 Garhi Chand Shoaib / Mudassir Hussain
UC No. 20 Mehar Shah Meer Jan Muhammad / Wazir Ali
UC No. 21 Bakhtiar Pur Fazal Ilahi / Hidaitullah
UC No. 22 Toj Ghulam Ahmed Banglani / Abdul Kareem
UC No. 23 Joungal Mushtaq Ahmed / Nusrat Javed
UC No. 24 Jariyoon Shafique Rehman / Rohail
UC No. 25 Sher Wah Syed Muhammad Shah / Muhammad Qasim
UC No. 26 Din Pur Azad Ahmed / Meer Umer Khan
UC No. 27 Meer Pur Sohino / Hafiz Rehman
UC No. 28 Jhangi Wah Ahmed Ali Khan Channu / Muhammad Saleh
UC No. 29 Ranjha Pur Rafique Ahmed / Manjhi Khan
UC No. 30 Bachro Abdul Jaleel / Nasrullah
UC No. 31 Phul Nao
UC No. 32 Mubarak Pur Saifullah Khan Mahar / Saddam Hussain
UC No. 33 Miral Muhammad Arif Khan Khoso / Ghulam Rabbani
UC No. 34 Baloch Abad Peer Bakhsh / Ashfaq Ahmed
UC No. 35 Bahadur Pur Sajjad Ahmed / Muhammad Parial
UC No. 36 Kareem Bakhsh Khan Muhammad Khan / Shah Zaman
UC No. 37 Kot Jangoo Zafar Ali Khoso / Barkat Ali
UC No. 38 Garhi Hassan Sarki Anees Ur Rehman Bhangar / Lakhmir
UC No. 39 Misri Pur Ahmed Ali Khan / Sher Zaman Khan
UC No. 40 Ghulamoon Muhammad Jaffir / Javed
UC No. 41 Maloi Kashif Ali Jhakhrani / Mubarak Ali
UC No. 42 Logi Dad Muhammad / Gul Hassan
UC No. 43 Tajo Khoso Saleem Saif / Azad Khan
UC No. 44 Madad Khoso Syed Rashid Ali Shah / Maqsood Ahmed

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