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100 Days of PTI Government | Live Ceremony Islamabad | Imran Khan Speech

100 Days of PTI!. Today Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf is celebrating his century of days. After wining the general election 20189 on 25 July, Imran Khan sworn as prime minister of Pakistan on 18 of the August this year. Although hundred days are not enough to judge the performance of any newly established Government. But the milestone has set by the Imran Khan himself.

Grand ceremony is being held inn convention center Islamabad in this regard. PM Imran Khan Naizi will address the participants today evening. While speakers are highlighting the major step taken by the federal government and the other provincial governments. Initiative taken in last more than three months are being focused.

PTI Government’s Major Achievements in 100 Days

  • Austerity Drive
  • Clean & Green Pakistan
  • Strengthening foreign relations
  • Incentives to export industry
  • Panagah / shelter homes for displaced peoples in Lahore

Latest Twitter trend by Party workers and lovers


Govt has set a new trend in the country by introducing Revolutionary Reforms Agenda under the 100 Days Plan:

  • some of the steps taken,Depoliticizing the Police
  • bringing back the looted money from foreign countries
  • Empowering NAB and Access to Justice.


Today top trend of opponents of PTI’s Government on Twitter is taken from the today advertisement of Federal Government of Pakistan.

Live Stream

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