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Sargodha District UC List MNA MPA Seats سرگودھا ضلع کی یونین کونسلز

Sargodha District Profile UC List MNA MPA Seats

سرگودھا ضلع کی یونین کونسلز

Sargodha district is part of Sargodha division while Sargodha city is its headquarter. Sargodha region is famous for Citrus Fruit (Kino). The total population according to 1998 census was 2666000 persons. Total area of district is 5854 square Kilometer. The spoken language of district is Punjabi (93%) and Urdu (6%). The literacy rate was 46% in 1998.

Map of District Sargodha

Sargodha District Map with Tehsils
Sargodha District Map with Tehsils

Tehsils in district Sargodha

There are seven Tehsils in district Sargodha they are

  • Tehsil Bhera
  • Tehsil Bhalwal
  •  Kot Momin Tehsil
  • Tehsil Sahiwal
  • Tehsil Sargodha
  • Shah pur Tehsil
  • Tehsil Silan wali

National assembly seats with elected MNA’s in 2013

  • NA 64 Sargodha-I MNA Peer Muhammad Ameen ul Hasnad Shah (PMLN)
  • NA 65 Sargodha-II MNA Mohsin Shah Nawaz Ranjha (PMLN)
  • NA-66 Sargodha-III MNA Chaudhry Hamid Hameed (PMLN)
  • NA 67 Sargodha-IV MNA Dr. Zulafqar Ali Bhatti (PMLN)
  • NA 68 Sargodha-V MNA Muhammad Nawaz Sharif (PMLN)

MNAs Profiles

Pir Muhammad Amin ul Hasnat Shah
Mohallah Pir Azam Shah Bhera Tehsil Bhalwal
J-310, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Mobile No. 0321-6015566
Mr Mohsin Shah Nawaz Ranjha
Ghos Muhammad Wala, Teh. Kotmoman, Distt. Sargodha
J-403, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Mobile No. 0302-8475982
Chudhary Hamid Hameed
House No,16/A Yateem Khana Khalqia Road Block No.25 Sargodha
305-H, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Mobile No. 0300-4000440
Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti
Chak No.103/SB Sargodha
F-306, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Mobile No. 0300-8603103
Sardar Muhammad Shafqat Hayat Khan
Mohallah Sardar Mubarik Khan Sahiwal, Sargodha
Suit No. 20, Govt. Hostel, Islamabad
Mobile No. 03006034395-03477999611

Punjab Assembly seats with elected MPA’s in 2013

  • PP 28 Sargodha-I MPA Dr. Mukhtaar Ahmed Bharath (PMLN)
  • PP 29 Sargodha-II MPA Ghulam Dastgir Lak (PMLN)
  • PP-30 Sargodha-III MPA Chaudhry Tahir Ahmed Sindhu Advocate (PMLN)
  • PP 31 Sargodha-IV MPA Mian Munazir Hussain Ranjha (PMLN)
  • PP 32 Sargodha-V MPA Chaudhry Amir Sultan Cheema (PMLQ)
  • PP-33 Sargodha-VI MPA Chaudhry Abdul Razaq Dhillo (PMLN)
  • PP 34 Sargodha-VII MPA Dr. Nadir Aziz (PMLN)
  • PP 35 Sargodha-VIII MPA Chaudhry Faisal Farooq Cheema (Independent)
  • PP-36 Sargodha-IX MPA Rana Munawar Hussain Urf Rana Munawar Ghous (PMLN)
  • PP 37 Sargodha-X MPA Sahib zada Ghulam Nizam Uddin Sialwi (PMLN)
  • PP 38 Sargodha-XI MPA Sardar Bahadar Khan Maikan (Independent)

Municipal Committees in District Sargodha

  1. Kot Momin Municipal Committee
  2. Sillan Wali Municipal Committee
  3. Shahpur Municipal Committee
  4. Bhera Municipal Committee
  5. Bhalwal Municipal Committee

Sargodha Zila Mayors, Chairmen/Vice Chairmen of all MCs

سرگودھا ضلع کی یونین کونسلز کا مکمل ریکارڈ

Municipal corporation Sargodha

Union Council (UC) No. UC Name (area)
UC # 1 NST Block Z Sargodha
UC # 2 NST Block WXY Sargoda
UC # 3 Sattelite Town Sargodha
UC # 4 Jameel Park Sargodha
UC # 5 Chak No. 154/15 Block CD Millat Abad
UC # 6 Gil wala Sargodha
UC # 7 Rehman Pura No. 2
UC # 8 Rehman Pura /zafar Colony Sargodha
UC # 9 Islam Pura Sargodha
UC # 10 Kot Fareed Sargodha
UC # 11 City -II Sargodha
UC # 12 Urban Area Sargodha
UC # 13 Iqbal Colony Sargodha
UC # 14 New Muhammadia Colony Sargodha
UC # 15 Maqam e Hayat-II Sargodha
UC # 16 Maqam e Hayat – I Sargodha
UC # 17 Block No. 5 to 11 Sargodha
UC # 18 City-I
UC # 19 Old Civil Lines
UC # 20 DHQ
UC # 21
UC # 22

Union Council List Of District Council Sargodha

Union Council (UC) No. UC Name (area)
UC No 1 Midh Pargana
UC No 2 Chak Saida
UC No 3 Kalian pur
UC No 4 Miani
UC No 5 Kot Ahmed Khan
UC No 6 Hazoor Pur
UC No 7 Verowal
UC No 8 Fateh Garh
UC No 9 Rakh Chiragha
UC No 10 Khan Muhammad Wala
UC No 11 Ali pur Syedan
UC No 12 Jhamat Ranjhian wali
UC No 13 Dhal
UC No 14 Chak Mubarak
UC No 15 Chawa
UC No 16 Noor Pur Noon
UC No 17 Ratto Kala
UC No 18 Thathi Noor
UC No 19 Chak NO. 10-ML
UC No 20 Nabi Shah bala
UC No 21

Purana Bhalwal

UC No 22 Chak NO. 18-NB
UC No 23 Dhori
UC No 24 Phularwan
UC No 25 Chabba Purana
UC No 26 Salam
UC No 27 Abdal
UC No 28 Deowal
UC No 29 Chak NO. 6-SB
UC No 30 Chak nO. 9-NB
UC No 31 Chak NO. 10
UC No 32 Chak NO. 15-SB
UC No 33 Muazzam abad
UC No 34 Lalliani Rural
UC No 35

Lalliani City

UC No 36 Mustafa abad
UC No 37 Mateela
UC No 38 Chak No. 11-SB
UC No 39 Kot Raja
UC No 40 Chak No. 19-SB
UC No 41 Hujjan
UC No 42 Waan Miana
UC No 43 Bhabra
UC No 44 Bucha Kalaan
UC No 45 Mela
UC No 46 Naseer Pur Kalan
UC No 47 Halal Pur
UC No 48 Takht Hazara
UC No 49 Midh Ranjha
UC No 50 Garhi Kalan
UC No 51 Ghulla Pur
UC No 52 Kot Miana
UC No 53 Jalla Makhdoom
UC No 54 Doodha
UC No 55 Lakseen
UC No 56 Jan Muhammad Wala
UC No 57 Gurna
UC No 58 Jura Skesar
UC No 59 Chak No. 19-NB
UC No 60 Ajnala
UC No 61 Maari
UC No 62 Luk
UC No 63 Chak No. 58-NB
UC No 64


UC No 65 Chak No. 67A-NB
UC No 66 Kohlo Wal
UC No 67 Chak NO. 82-NB
UC No 68 Chak No. 84-NB
UC No 69 Chak No. 104-NB
UC No 70 Chak NO. 103-NB
UC No 71 Chak No. 97-NB
UC No 72 Chak No. 90-NB
UC No 73 Chak No. 100-NB
UC No 74 Chak No. 79-NB
UC No 75 Remount Depot
UC No 76 Chak No. 71-NB
UC No 77 Haiderabad Town
UC No 78 Chak No. 55-NB
UC No 79 Lude wala
UC No 80 Chak nO. 36-NB
UC No 81 Chak No. 34-NB
UC No 82 Chak No. 109-Sb
UC No 83 Chak NO. 50-NB
UC No 84 Chak No. 113-Sb
UC No 85 Chak No. 111-SB
UC No 86 Chak No. 107-Sb
UC No 87 Chak No. 100-SB
UC No 88 Chak No. 96-Sb
UC No 89 Chak NO. 88-SB
UC No 90 Chak No. 40-NB
UC No 91 Mittha Luk
UC No 92 Chokera
UC No 93 Chak No. 74-Sb
UC No 94 Chak No. 73-Sb
UC No 95 Bhagtan Wala
UC No 96 Chak NO. 25-SB Sargodha
UC No 97 Luqman
UC No 98 Lalu wali
UC No 99 Chak No. 84-SB
UC No 100 Chak no.28-SB
UC No 101 Chak No. 30-Sb
UC No 102 Chak NO. 33-SB
UC No 103 Chak nO. 36-SB
UC No 104 Chak nO. 42-SB
UC No 105 Chak No. 52-SB
UC No 106 Chak No. 45-SB
UC No 107 Chak No. 55-SB
UC No 108 Chak No. 58-SB
UC No 109 Chak No. 49-SB
UC No 110 Chak No. 120-SB
UC No 111 Chak No. 126-SB
UC No 112 Shaheen abad
UC No 113 Chak No. 125-SB
UC No 114 Chak NO. 111-NB
UC No 115 Chak No. 118-NB / Sillan Wali
UC No 116 Chak No. 135-Sb / Sillan wali
UC No 117 Chak No. 132-SB / Sillan Wali
UC No 118 Chak No. 136-SB / Sillan wali
UC No 119 Chak No. 138-SB / Sillan wali
UC No 120 Chak NO. 129-NB / Sillan Wali
UC No 121 Chak NO. 147,148-NB
UC No 122 Chak No. 131-NB
UC No 123 Subagha / Chak No. 135-NB
UC No 124 Chak No. 169-NB
UC No 125 Chak nO. 152-NB
UC No 126 Shah Nikdar
UC No 127 Chak No. 163-NB
UC No 128 Vijh
UC No 129 Bochra Kohna
UC No 130 Radhan
UC No 131 Kudhlathiara
UC No 132 Dera
UC No 133 Mubehra Khan
UC No 134 Azmat Wala
UC No 135


UC No 136 Kalyar
UC No 137 Sjoka
UC No 138 thathi lami
UC No 139 Lakhiwal
UC No 140 Sial Shareef
UC No 141 Kot Musa Khan
UC No 142 Jahania Shah
UC No 143 Haveli Majoka
UC No 144 Nooray wala / Thathi Long
UC No 145 Ghangwal
UC No 146 Khawaja Abad
UC No 147 Kalara
UC No 148 Jhawrian -I
UC No 149 Jhawrian -II
UC No 150 Kot Bhai Khan
UC No 151 Kot Pehlwan
UC No 152 Khan Pur
UC No 153 Bakhar Bar
UC No 154 Jalpana
UC No 155 Aqil Shah
UC No 156 Kandan
UC No 157

Shah Pur City

UC No 158 Mango Wal
UC No 159 Saleemabad
UC No 160 jahanabad
UC No 161 Hussain shah
UC No 162 Sabowal
UC No 163 chakarala
UC No 164 Gondal


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