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Sahiwal District UC List, MNA MPA Seats ساہیوال ضلع کی یونین کونسلز

Sahiwal District Profile UC List, MNA MPA Seats ساہیوال ضلع کی یونین کونسلز

Sahiwal district is a part of Sahiwal division. According to 1998 census its population was 1843000 persons. Literacy rate was 44%(male54% and female 32%). In 2008 Sahiwal division was created comprising districts of Okara, Pakpattan and Sahiwal. Sahiwal city is the capital of the district. The old name of Sahiwal city was Mintgomri. Harrappa Town is an archaeological site which is 35 K.M away from Sahiwal. Sahiwal cows are famous in all over world. Main towns are Kassuwal, Iqbal Nagar, Yousaf wala and Ghaziabad. Notable persons of Sahiwal are Majeed Amjid, Abdus Salam (he born in Sahiwal division but grew up in Jhang).

Map of District Sahiwal

Sahiwal District Map with Tehsils
Sahiwal District Map with Tehsils

Sahiwal District Chairman and City Mayors

NA-160 Sahiwal Areas, Result 2013 and Map

Tehsils of district Sahiwal

There are two Tehsils of district Sahiwal

  • Tehsil Chichawatni
  • Tehsil Sahiwal

National assembly seats with elected MNA’s in 2013

  • NA 160 Sahiwal-I MNA Syed Imran Ahmed Shah (PMLN)
  • NA 161 Sahiwal-II MNA Chaudhry Muhammad Ashraf (PMLN)
  • NA-162 Sahiwal-III MNA Rai Hassan Nawaz Khan (PTI)
  • NA 163 Sahiwal-IV MNA Chaudhry Muhammad Munir Azhar (PMLN)

MNA Profiles

Syed Imran Ahmad Shah PML(N) Sadat Manzal Nai Abadi Sahiwal
Suit No. 21, old MNA Hostel G-5, Islamabad.
Mobile No. 0322-7007000
Chaudhary Muhammad Ashraf PML(N) i) H.No.142/G Model Town Lahore ii)H.No.60/J Officer Colony, Near Stop No.4, Farid Town, Sahiwal
306/J, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Mobile No. 0321-4549752

Telephone # 042-35833870

Chaudhary Muhammad Tufail PML(N) House No. 238, Block No.2 Chichawatni, District Sahiwal Mobile No. 0321-7210786
Chaudhry Muhammad Munir Azhar PML(N) Chak No 46/12-L, P O 45/12-L, Tehsil Chichawatni District Sahiwal
G-106, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Mobile No. 0302-3148231

Punjab Assembly seats with elected MPA’s in 2013

  • PP 220 Sahiwal-I MPA Khizar Hayat (PMLN)
  • PP 221 Sahiwal-II MPA Malik Nadeem Kamran (PMLN)
  • PP-222 Sahiwal-III MPA Muhammad Arshad Malik Advocate (PMLN)
  • PP 223 Sahiwal-IV MPA Muhammad Arshad Khan Lodhi (PMLN)
  • PP 224 Sahiwal-V MPA Waheed Asghar (PTI)
  • PP-225 Sahiwal-VI MPA Chaudry Muhammad Arshad (PMLN)
  • PP 226 Sahiwal-VII MPA Chaudhry Muhammad Haneef Jutt (PMLN)

Municipal Committees in District Sahiwal

  1. Kameer Municipal Committee
  2. Chichawatni Municipal Committee

Sahiwal Zila Mayors, Chairman and Vice Chairmen

ساہیوال ضلع کی یونین کونسلز کا مکمل ریکارڈ

Municipal Corporation Sahiwal ساہیوال شہر

Union Council (UC) No. UC Name (area)
UC # 1 Chak NO. 86-6R
UC # 2 Chak No. 85-6R
UC # 3 Chak No. 82-6R
UC # 4 Tariq Bin ziad Colony
UC # 5 Fateh Sher Colony
UC # 6 Muhallah Fareed Ganj
UC # 7 Muhallah Noor Park
UC # 8 Ghalla Mandi
UC # 9 Innayat Ilahi Colony
UC # 10 Dosehra Ground
UC # 11 Jahaz Ground

Union Council List Of District Council Sahiwal ساہیوال ضلع کونسل

Union Council (UC) No. UC Name (area)
UC No 1 Karyal
UC No 2 Noor Shah
UC No 3 Chak No. 48-GD
UC No 4 Chak No. 66-4R
UC No 5 Chak No. 50-GD / Chairman Mehar Younis Sanpal (PMLN) Killed on 2 May 2017 in Shadman Town.
UC No 6


UC No 7 Chak No. 58-GD
UC No 8 Chak No. 59-GD
UC No 9 Chak NO. 87-6R
UC No 10 Chak No. 69-4R
UC No 11 Chak No. 78-5R
UC No 12 Chak no. 77-5R
UC No 13 Chak no. 62-4L
UC No 14 Chak No. 61-4L
UC No 15 Chak No. 56-5L
UC No 16 Chak No. 65-5L
UC No 17 Chak No. 58-5L
UC No 18 Chak No. 60-5L
UC No 19 Chak No. 44-5L
UC No 20 Chak No. 73-5L
UC No 21 Chak No. 78-5L
UC No 22 Chak No. 80-5L
UC No 23 Chak No. 88-9L
UC No 24 Chak No. 134-9L
UC No 25 Chak NO. 91-9L
UC No 26 Chak No. 110-9L
UC No 27 Chak No. 112-9L
UC No 28 Chak No. 114-9L
UC No 29 Chak NO. 133-9L
UC No 30 Chak NO. 129-9L
UC No 31 Chak No. 119-9L
UC No 32 Chak No. 153-9L
UC No 33 Chak No. 150-9L
UC No 34 Chak no. 141-9L
UC No 35 Chak No. 185-9L
UC No 36 Chak No. 138-9L
UC No 37

Jinnah Town Harrapa Station

UC No 38 Chak No. 102-6AR
UC No 39 Chak No. 1-10l
UC No 40 Chak No. 99-6R
UC No 41 Chak No. 92-6R
UC No 42 Chak No. 89-6R
UC No 43 Muhammad pur
UC No 44 Meer Dar Maufi
UC No 45


UC No 46 Dadrah
UC No 47 Murad ke Kathiya
UC No 48 Chak No. 110-7R
UC No 49 Chak No. 6-11L
UC No 50 Chak No. 8-11L
UC No 51 Chak No. 180-9L
UC No 52 Chak No.147-9L
UC No 53 Chak No. 162-9L
UC No 54 Chak No. 20-11L
UC No 55 Chak No. 23-11L
UC No 56 Chak NO. 18-11L
UC No 57 Chak No. 10-11L
UC No 58 Chak No. 36-12L
UC No 59 Chak No. 109-12L
UC No 60 Chak No. 44-12L
UC No 61 Chak No. 45-12L
UC No 62 Chak No. 30-11L
UC No 63 Chak No. 169-9L
UC No 64 Chak No. 168-9L
UC No 65 Chak NO.57-12L
UC No 66 Chak NO. 54-12L
UC No 67 Chak No. 50-12L
UC No 68 Chak NO. 110-12L
UC No 69 Chak No. 114-7R
UC No 70 Chak No. 112-7R
UC No 71 Chak No. 116-7CR
UC No 72 Chak No. 119-7DR
UC No 73

Chak No. 4-14L

UC No 74 Chak No. 39-14L
UC No 75 Chak No.6-14L
UC No 76 Chak No. 118-12L
UC No 77 Chak No. 101-12L
UC No 78 Chak No. 7-14L
UC No 79 Chak No. 23-14L
UC No 80 Chak No. 20-14L
UC No 81 Chak No. 52-12L
UC No 82 Chak No. 88-12L
UC No 83 Chak NO. 62-12L
UC No 84 Chak No. 92-12L
UC No 85 Chak No. 93-12L
UC No 86 Chak No. 31-14L
UC No 87 Chak No.77-12L
UC No 88 Chak No.69-12L

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