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NA 83 Faisalabad Areas Result Map این اے83 فیصل آباد

NA 83 Faisalabad Areas Result Map این اے83 فیصل آباد

In by election of GE Election 2013 the constituency of NA-83 Faisalabad contest was between following candidates of PMLN, PTI and PPPP. Mian Abdul Manan was candidate of Pakistan Muslim League (N). He got 47100 votes. Faiz Ullah Kamoka was candidate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. He received 36800 votes. While at third position Mumtaz Ali Cheema of PPPP obtained 9900 votes. Thus winner MNA was PMLN’s Rana Muhammad Afzal Khan.

NA-83 Summary Result Election 2013

  • Mian Abdul Manan Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) Votes 47107
  • Faiz Ullah Kamoka Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Votes 36866
  • Mumtaz Ali Cheema Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians (PPPP) Votes 9942

Prediction for Election 2018

This constituency is also strong hold of PML-N. Contest will be expected in general election 2018 between PPP, PMLN and PTI. Both PTI and PMLN are busy in planning. While PPPP is also fluxing their muscles. Mumtaz Ali Cheema later joined PTI. He was became controversal in local body election for mayor and deputy mayors in Dec 2016. He met with Rana Sanaullah and supportrd PMLN candidate of mayor. he was tendered show cause notice from PTI by Imran Khan.

Map of areas of NA 83 Faisalabad-IX

NA-83 Faisalabad Google Area Map
NA-83 Faisalabad Google Area Map

NA-82 Faisalabad Profile

NA-81 Faisalabad Profile

Faisalabad City UC List

NA 83 Faisalabad  Areas Detail

Area Name (Mohalla, Town, Colony, Housing Scheme, Village)

80 Murabha
80 Murabha Faisal Vally Faisal Town
Abadi Mehr Hakim Din
Abadi Mehr Hakim Din Maqbool Road
Abbass Park

Ahmed Town

Akbar Colony
Akbar Town Malik Pur
Al Mehran Colony
Al-Fiaz Colony
Ali Arfan Abad
Ali Town Kareem Town
Alla Abad
Alli Park
Al-Najaf Colony
Al-Najaf Colony, Shadman Colony
Amin Park

Amin Town

Asharaf Abad
Ashraf Pura
Ashraf Pura/ Mansoor Abad

Aslam Gunj

Aslam Gunj Yousaf Abad
Awais Nagar No. 1
Awais Nagar No. 2
Azhar Town

Baghban Pura

Barkat Pura

Barkat Pura B Block
Barkat Pura C Block
Bashir Abad Watto Town Hassan Pura
Basti Allah Hoo Wali

Batala Colony

Bilal Colony

Bilal Town

Bilal Town/ Jhanda Peer
Chagar Mohallah

Chak No. 203/RB Malik Pur

Chak No. 203/RB Malik Pur Chishtia Nagar
Chak No. 203/RB Malik Pur Main Bazar
-Chak No. 203/RB Malik Pur Main Bazar
Chak No. 203/RB Malik Pur Qaid-e-Azam Park
Chak No. 203/RB Malik Pur Sardar Colony Akbar Town
Chak No. 203/Rb Malik Pur Zeeshan Park Butt Chowk

Chak No. 203/RB Manawala

Chak No. 203/RB Naimat Town Malik Pur
Chak No. 203/RB Sateem Power Malik Pur
Chak No. 213/RB Bishan Singh Wala
Chak No. 213/RB Bohadar Singh Wala
Chak No. 213/RB Hockey Stadiume
Chak No. 213/RB Kharasan Wala
Chak No. 214/RB Dhuddiwala
Chak No. 214/Rb Dhuddiwala Gharbi

Chaman Zar Colony

Chaman Zar Colony/ Siddique Nagar
Chenab Market Madina Town
Chishtia Park
Dastghir Colony

Dastghir Pura

Data Park/ Mansoor Abad
Dawood Nagar
Dawood Nagar C Block
Dhuddiwala East
Dhuddiwala East, Kehkshan Colony No. 2
Dogar Basti
Faisal Garden
Farid Town

Fateh Abad Gharbi

Fateh Abad Gharbi Jilani Pura
Fateh Abad Sharif Pura
Fatehabad East
Fatehabad East, Yasrab Colony
Feroz Shah
Garden Colony
Ghazi Abad Saleemi Chowk
Ghazi Abad Satiana Road
Gul Bahar Colony

Gulgashet Colony

Gulshan-e-Rasheem Colony Malik Pur Amir Block Al Mehran Colony
Hajveri Park
Hari Singh Wala
Haseeb Shaheed Colony

Hassan Pura

Hassan Pura Kehkshan Colony No. 2
Himmat Pura

Iqbal Nagar

Iqbal Nagar Dhuddiwala
Javed Block Setlite Town
Javed Town
Jhanda Peer/ Chaman Zar Colony
Jilani Pura
Jilani Pura Satiana Road
Jinnah Abad
Kareem Town

Kehkshan Colony

Kehkshan Colony No. 2
Khalid Bin Waleed Colony Sardar Colony Malik Pur
Khalisa College
Khan Model Colony Dhuddiwala
Khawaja Town
Kheyban Colony No.1
Kheyban Colony No.2
Khizar Abad

Koh-e-Noor City

Koh-e-Noor Flates Group A
Koh-e-Noor Flates Group B
Kot Amin
Kot Khan Muhammad
Luqman Abad
Madina Town X Blcok
Madina Town Y Block
Madina Town Z Block Keelawala Abadi
Mansoor Abad
Manzoor Park
Maqsood Abad
Marryam Abad
Maryyam Abad Yousaf Abad
Maskeen Abad/ Madina Town
Mian Block Setlite Town
Mian Colony
Mian Pind
Mohallah Nazar Niaz
Mohallah Rasool Nagar Chak No. 214/Rb Dhuddiwala
Morran Pind Madina Town

Mughal Pura

Mughal Pura Qamar Garden
Muhammad Abad
Muhammad Khan Town
Muhammad Nagar Arfan Villas, Yasin Pura

Muhammad Nagar, Iqbal Nagar

Muhammad Nagar, Iqbal Nagar, Gulzar Colony
Muhammad Nagar, Iqbal Nagar, Pasport Office Road
Muhammad Nagar, Saif Maloom, Yasin Pura
Muhammadi Colony
Muhammadi Colony Sundar Singh Wala
Muhammadia Colony Shaheen Park
Munir Park

Naimat Colony No. 1

Naimat Colony No. 2
Naimat Colony No. 2 Umer Garden
Naimat Town Ashraf Town Malik Pur
Naimat Town Shahab Colony Malik Pur
Naseer Abad
Nasir Town
Nasir Town No. 1
National Colony
Nawaz Park
New Garden Town
Noor Pura , Qadafi Town Al Riaz Colony Jadha Market
Noor Pura Dhuddiwala
Noor Pura Satiana Road
Officer Colony , Dawood Colony
Officer Colony W Block Madina Town Flate
Officers Colony No. 2
Officers Colony No. 2 Maskeen Abad
Peoples Colony A & C Block

Peoples Colony

Peoples Colony A Block Jivan Singh
Peoples Colony B Block
Peoples Colony B Block Jivan Singh
Peoples Colony C & D Block
Peoples Colony Jangal Singh
Peoples Colony No. 1 B Block
Peoples Colony No. 1 D Block
Peoples Colony No. 2 A Block
Peoples Colony No. 2 A Block Islam Pura
Peoples Colony No. 2 A Block Kousar Abad
Peoples Colony No. 2 B Block
Peoples Colony No. 2 C Block
Peoples Colony No. 2 Jhada Singh
Peoples Colony No. 2 Muhammadi  Chowk
Peoples Colony No. 2 Muslim Park
Peoples Colony No. 2 Raja Chowk
Peoples Colony Sadh Bela
Rajadha Town Dhuddiwala
Ramzan Abad

Rasool Nagar

Rasool Park
Rehman Garden Setlite Town
Rehman Sharif
Rehman Town New Garden Town
Roza Park
Rubani Colony
Rubani Colony Bunkers
Rubani Colony No. 2

Sabina Town

Sadh Bela
Saeed Colony
Saeed Colony No.1
Saeed Colony No.2
Saif Ullah Shaheed Road Z Block
Saleem Ullah Park / Maqsood Abad
Sanat Singh Wala
Shadman Colony
Shakhi Sarwar Abad
Shamas Abad
Shamas Abad Ali Arfan Abad
Shamas Nagar

Shehzad Town

Sherein Abad
Siddiqiuia Mills Raja Ghulam Rasool Nagar
Siddique Akbar Town
Siddique Nagar
Sohail Abad
Sufian Town
Sunarry Town
Umar Town
W Block Madina Town
Wapda Steem Power Station

Waris Pura Gharbi

Waris Pura Sharqi
Waris Pura Sharqi/ Mian Colony
Yasin Abad
Yasin Pura Satiana Road
Yousaf Abad
Yousaf Abad Marryam Abad
Yousaf Town
Zubair Colony

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