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NA 80 Faisalabad Areas Result Map این اے80 فیصل آباد

NA 80 Faisalabad Areas Result Map این اے80 فیصل آباد

In GE Election 2013 the constituency of NA-80 Faisalabad contest was between following candidates of PMLN, PTI, PMLQ and PPP. Mian Muhammad Farooq was candidate of Pakistan Muslim League (N). He got 96000 votes. Mian Muhammad Naeem was candidate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. He received 25000 votes and got 3rd position. While at 2nd position Rana Asif Touseef of Pakistan Muslim League obtained 54000 votes. Thus winner MNA was PMLN’s Muhammad Farooq.

NA-80 Summary Result Election 2013

  • Muhammad Farooq (PMLN) votes 96000
  • Rana Asif Touseef (PMLQ) votes 54400
  • Muhammad Naeem (PTI) votes 25000
  • Khalid Rafee Cheema (Independent) 12900
  • Choudhry Raza Nasrullah Ghuman (Independent) votes 5900

Prediction for Election 2018

This constituency is also strong hold of PML-N. Mian Muhammad Farooq is district president of PMLN in Faisalabad District. His son Mian Qasim Farooq was candidate for district chairman Faisalabad. But he failed to get the ticket of PMLN in 2016. Rana Asif Taisif has also notable support in this constituency. Contest will be expected in general election 2018 between PPP, PMLN and PTI. Both PTI and PMLN are busy in planning. While PPPP and PML-Q are also fluxing their muscles.

Map of areas of NA 80 Faisalabad-VI

NA-80 Faisalabad (Dijkot) Google Area Map
NA-80 Faisalabad (Dijkot) Google Area Map

NA-79 Faisalabad Profile

NA-78 Faisalabad Profile

District Council Faisalabad UC List and MNA, MPA Seats

NA 80 Faisalabad  Areas Detail

Area Name (Mohalla, Town, Colony, Housing Scheme, Village)

Ali Town, Dijkot

Bukh Pura, Dijkot
Chak No. 295/RB
Chak No.129/GB
Chak No.130/GB
Chak No.131/GB
Chak No.132/GB
Chak No.133/GB

Chak No.202/RB

Chak No.204/RB
Chak No.208/RB
Chak No.209/RB
Chak No.215/RB
Chak No.219/RB
Chak No.220/RB
Chak No.221/RB
Chak No.222/RB
Chak No.223/RB
Chak No.226/RB
Chak No.227/RB
Chak No.228/RB
Chak No.231/RB
Chak No.232/RB

Chak No.233/RB

Chak No.234/RB
Chak No.235/RB
Chak No.236/RB
Chak No.237/RB
Chak No.238/RB
Chak No.239/RB
Chak No.240/RB
Chak No.244/RB
Chak No.254/RB
Chak No.258/RB

Chak No.260/RB

Chak No.262/RB
Chak No.264/RB
Chak No.265/RB
Chak No.267/RB
Chak No.268/RB
Chak No.269/RB
Chak No.270/RB
Chak No.271/RB
Chak No.272/RB
Chak No.273/RB
Chak No.274/RB
Chak No.275/RB
Chak No.276/RB
Chak No.277/RB

Chak No.280/RB

Chak No.281/RB
Chak No.289/RB
Chak No.296/RB
Chak No.535/GB
Chak No.659/GB
Chak No.75/GB
Chak No.76/GB
Chak No.78 /GB
Chak No.79 /GB

Chak No.80/GB

Chak No.81/GB
Chak No.82/GB
Chak No.83/GB
Chak No.84/GB
Chak No.85/GB
Chak No.86/GB
Chak No.87/GB
Chak No.88/GB
Chak No.90/GB
Chak No.91/GB
Chak No.92/GB


Civil Hospital Dijkot

Dijkot City

Islam Pura, Dijkot
Jailander Road, Dijkot
Jamil Town, Dijkot
Karkhana Bazar, Dijkot
Khan Garden, Dijkot
Manzoorabad, Dijkot
Masjid Idressia, Dijkot

Mazhar Town, Dijkot

Mohalah Manko Goll Masjid, Dijkot
Mohalah Manko, Dijkot
Mohallah Marzi, Dijkot
Old Samundri Road, Dijkot

Rehmat Pura, Dijkot

Sabri Town, Dijkot
Sahreef Town, Dijkot
Samundri Road, Dijkot
Tandla Road, Dijkot

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