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Lodhran NA-154 By Election Result 2018 – PMLN Won

Lodhran NA 154 By Election Result Today Live Update 12th Feb 2018 – PMLN Wins

NA 154 Lodhran Result By Election 2018 - Live Update PTI Ali Tareen and PMLN Iqbal Shah
NA 154 Lodhran Result By Election 2018 – Live Update PTI Ali Tareen and PMLN Iqbal Shah

Today polling held in Lodhran for by election. The constituency was NA-154 Lodhran-I. This MNA seat was declared vacant on the disqualification of Tehreek e Insaf’s secretary general Mr. Jahangeer Khan Tareen. He is one of biggest landlord of the area.

There are 10 candidates in run. But actual contest has been seen between PMLN and PTI. The candidate from PTI side is son of Jahangir Khan Tareen, Mr. Ali Khan Tareen. While candidate from Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) is Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Shah. He is father of MPA Amir Iqbal Shah.

National Assembly election results 2002, 2008, 2013

NA-154 Result By election 2015 – PTI got 140,000 votes and PMLN got 100,000 votes.

Three hundreds and thirty eight polling stations has been established in the whole constituency (halqa). Second time the by election is being held on NA-154. Last time by election held on 23 December 2015 after the disqualification of then MNA Mr. Siddiq Khan Baloch.

PPP has also fielded his candidate. He is son of former MNA Mr. Mirza Nasir Baig, Mirza Muhammad Ali Baig. The candidate of Tehreek e Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) is Malik Azhar Ahmad Sandeela.

Votes Received by Candidate of NA-154 By Election

Updates at 10:25 PM

By Election Result 2015 (23 December)

By Election Result 2018 (Today) 338/338 

Jahangir Khan Tareen (PTI) 1,38,719 Ali Khan Tareen (PTI)  91,230
M. Saddique Khan Baloch (PMLN) 99,933 Muhammad Iqbal Shah (PMLN) 1,16,590
Rana Sumair Mumtaz Noon (PPP) 1,910 Mirza Muhammad Ali Baig (PPP) 3432

PMLN’s Muhammad Iqbal Shah Qureshi won by margin of more than 25000 of votes.

  • Votes Obtained by TLP’s Azhar Ahmed Sandila = 7458

Votes Counting Update Polling Station wise:-

  1. Total Polling Station = 338
  2. Total Voters = 4,31,000
  3. Total Contesting Candidates = 10
  • Polling Station No.20 :- PMLN got 295 Votes, PTI has got 181 Votes.
  • Polling Station No.207 Sherpur :- PTI (219), PMLN (108).
  • Polling Station No.328 :- PTI (205), PMLN (104).
  • Polling Station No.84 :- PTI (205), PMLN (104).
  • Polling Station No.328 :- PTI (365), PMLN (202).
  • Polling Station No.1 :- PTI (74), PMLN (341).
  • Polling Station No.3 :- PTI (155), PMLN (503).
  • Polling Station No.70 :- PTI (267), PMLN (182).
  • Polling Station No.82 :- PTI (6), PMLN (610). biggest difference of votes between Ali Tareen and Iqbal Shah

Result Announced  = 338/338 (Polling Stations)

موروثی سیاست کو ختم کریں گے ۔۔۔ لگتا ہے واقعی ختم ہونے والی ہے

PTI needs to learn that whenever they will move away from their own slogans, their voters will reject them. Imran Khan always took a stand against dynastic politics, Ali Tareen was a wrong choice from the beginning.

Ali Tareen was also backed by Imran Khan, Sheikh Rasheed and all the other PTI stalwarts for this campaign. PMLN candidate didnt even get to see a single person from the Sharif family for his campaign and still managed to perform superbly.

متحدہ اپوزیشن کے لاہور والے جلسے کو لودھراں کے ووٹروں نے عملی جامہ پہنا دیا

مجھے کیوں نکالا: علی ترین

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  1. Pakistani Parliament ko ek or jahil tareen Mubarak


  3. apne bacho k leya kam se kam aesa banda salect kro jo pakistan orr pakistani awam k leya teak na ke mulk ka paisa loty kb tk america se bezti kathe rhenge keya quaid azam nhe s leya atni jedujahad ki thi ka hm ghareeb awam ka paisa loty ?

  4. Imran Khan should get some lesson from this result……..
    Peoples never vote for a person whom they do not have trust

  5. Problem pakistani awam nae hai problem Punjabi qoum hai………………
    (Dear Zeeshan Malik, Your remaining comment has been deleted due to objectionable)

    • ? sahi kaha Bhai. Aik Punjabi aur aik Sindhi. Jiss Qom ki apni halat vadalny Ka khiyal na ay Allah un ki halat kabi Nahi badalta

  6. Varasat mai nae milti seat…. kaam krna parta hai… And imran khan sahab ko chaheye k woh ic halqay mai kici ayse banday ko khara krain jo k mustahiq ho ic seat k leye

  7. Admin please correct the results i think you have accidentally exchanged the votes of N LEAGUE n PTi

  8. Insha Allah PTI win

  9. Khuda ny ajtak os qoum ki halat nahi badli
    na ho jisko khayal apni halat ap bdalny ka

  10. hence proved that actions speak louder than words.I think Pti should now focus on it’s own work rather than criticizing N League.

  11. I believe PML-N selected good candidate, PTI supported marosi politics and young boy, who do not have roots in the peoples of Lodhran constituency.

    • Iqbal Shah is also father sitting MPA, so the roots of marosi politics exist there as well but experience always matter than money.

  12. pata nahi is awam ka kia ho gia hay.

  13. Agar PML(N) Jeeti to ye khush aind hogha q k ye sabboot hogha k awam karkardghi to appreciate kertay hain as compare to zabani nairay and bad zabani, laan taan, u-turn etc

  14. Yeh sub awam Jahil ha . mujhay yakeen nahi ho raha ha kay whats going on

  15. Agar awam ba shaoor hai to pti ko jitway GI otherwise shame on awam

  16. Laak di lanaat awam pe agar aj Noura league ko jitwaya tu. I will at least in my heart never keep pity for people in pakistan.

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