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Karachi City Sindh Assembly MPA Seats کراچی سندھ اسمبلی سیٹیں

Sindh Assembly MPA Seats Karachi City کراچی سندھ اسمبلی سیٹیں

MPA Seats Karachi – There are 42 seats of provincial assembly Sindh in Karachi division. Mostly MPSs belongs to MQM according to the results of general election 2013. Next GE are schedule in 2018. Some parts of Karachi city has support of PPP, PTI and PMLN. In local body election 2015, MQM won majority UC seats. Mayor of Karachi metropolitan corporation belongs to MQM Pakistan.

Map of Karachi Division

Karachi Division Map - Sindh Assembly MPA Seats
Karachi Division Map – Sindh Assembly MPA Seats

Karachi Central District NA Seats and Union Councils Data

Detail of Sindh Assembly (MPA) Seats in Karachi according to result of general election 2013

  • PS 89 Karachi-I MPA Humayon Muhammad Khan (PMLN)
  • PS 90 Karachi-II MPA Muhammad Yousaf Shahwani (MQM)
  • PS-91 Karachi-III MPA Kamran Akhter (MQM)
  • PS 92 Karachi-IV MPA Abdul Haseeb (MQM)
  • PS 93 Karachi-V MPA Syed Hafeezuddin (PTI)
  • PS-94 Karachi-VI MPA Saifuddin Khalid (MQM)
  • PS 95 Karachi-VII
  • PS 96 Karachi-VIII MPA Muzahir Ameer Khan (MQM)
  • PS-97 Karachi-IX MPA Sheikh Abdullah (MQM)
  • PS 98 Karachi-X MPA Waseem Qureshi (MQM)
  • PS 99 Karachi-XI MPA Khawaja Izahar Ul Hassan (MQM)
  • PS-100 Karachi-XII MPA Muhammad Adil Siddiqui (MQM)
  • PS 101 Karachi-XIII MPA Jalal Ahmed (MQM)
  • PS 102 Karachi-XIV MPA Syed Anwar Raza Naqvi (MQM)
  • PS-103 Karachi-XV MPA Muhammad Sajid Qureshi (MQM)
  • PS 104 Karachi-XVI MPA Rehan Zaffar(MQM)
  • PS 105 Karachi-XVII MPA Khalid Bin Villayat (MQM)
  • PS-106 Karachi-XVIII MPA Muhammad Iftakhar ALam (MQM)
  • PS 107 Karachi-XIX MPA Muhammad Azeem Farooqi (MQM)
  • PS 108 Karachi-XX MPA Muhammad Javed (PPPP)
  • PS-109 Karachi-XXI MPA Saniya (PPPP)
  • PS 110 Karachi-XXII MPA Muhammad Dilawar (MQM)
  • PS 111 Karachi-XXIII MPA Muhammad Kamran (MQM)
  • PS-112 Karachi-XXIV MPA Khurram Sher Zaman (PTI)
  • PS 113 Karachi-XXV MPA Samar Ali Khan (PTI)
  • PS 114 Karachi-XXVI MPA Irfanullah Khan Marwat (PMLN)
  • PS-115 Karachi-XXVII MPA Dr. Arshad Abdullah Wohra (MQM)
  • PS 116 Karachi-XXVIII MPA Mehmood Abdul Razzaq (MQM)
  • PS 117 Karachi-XXIX MPA Dr. Saghir Ahmed (MQM)
  • PS-118 Karachi-XXX MPA Adnan Ahmed (MQM)
  • PS 119 Karachi-XXXI MPA Irtaza Khalil Farooqi (MQM)
  • PS 120 Karachi-XXXII MPA Nishat Muhammad Zia Qadri (MQM)
  • PS-121 Karachi-XXXIII MPA Syed Nadeem Razi (MQM)
  • PS 123 Karachi-XXXIV MPA Syed Khalid Ahmed (MQM)
  • PS 123 Karachi-XXXV MPA Sheraz Waheed (MQM)
  • PS-124 Karachi-XXXVI MPA Syed Sardar Ahmed (MQM)
  • PS 125 Karachi-XXXVII MPA Muhammad Moin Amir Pir Zada (MQM)
  • PS 126 Karachi-XXXVIII MPA Syed Faisal Ali Sabzwari (MQM)
  • PS-127 Karachi-XXXIX MPA Ashfaq Ahmed Mangi (MQM)
  • PS 128 Karachi-XXXX MPA Waqar Hussain Shah (MQM)
  • PS 129 Karachi-XXXXI MPA Shafi Muhammad Jamot (PMLN)
  • PS-130 Karachi-XXXXII MPA Muhammad Sajid Jokhio (PPPP)

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