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Gujranwala District UC List, MNA MPA Seats گجرانوالا ضلع کی یونین کونسلز

Gujranwala District Council UC List, Seats of MNA & MPA

گجرانوالا ضلع کی یونین کونسلز

Gujranwala district is part of Gujranwala division. It belongs to Majha region of ancient Punjab province. Gujranwala city is the headquarter of district Gujranwala. The population according to 1998 census is 3400000 persons. Its boundaries touches with district Sialkot, gujrat, mandi Bahauddin, Hafizabad and sheikhupura.

Gujranwala City UC List

Gujranwala District Map - Wazirabad, Kamoke
Gujranwala District Map – Wazirabad, Kamoke

Gujrat District Union Councils & MNA MPA Data

Hafizabad District Union Councils & MNA MPA Data

M.B.Din District Union Councils & MNA MPA Data

Sialkot District Union Councils &MNA MPA Data

Narowal District Union Councils & MNA MPA Data

Tehsils of district Gujranwala

There are 5 tehsils in Gujranwala district i.e.

  • Tehsil Gujranwala city
  • Tehsil Gujranwala sadar
  • wazirabad Tehsil
  • Tehsil kamuke
  • Tehsil Nowshera virkan

National assembly seats with elected MNA’s in 2013

  • NA 95 Gujranwala-I MNA Usman Ibrahim (PMLN)
  • NA 96 Gujranwala-II MNA Engineer Khurram Dastgeer Khan (PMLN)
  • NA-97 Gujranwala-III MNA Chaudhry Mehmood Bashir Virk (PMLN)
  • NA 98 Gujranwala-IV MNA Mian Tariq Mehmood (PMLN)
  • NA 99 Gujranwala-V MNA Rana Umer Nazir Khan (PMLN)
  • NA-100 Gujrawala-VI MNA Azhar Qayyum Nahra (PMLN)
  • NA 101 Gujranwala-VII MNA Justice retired Iftakhar Ahmed Cheema (PMLN)

MNA Profiles

Usman Ibrahim
Gali Haji Ibrahim Wali Gulshan Abad, Gujranwala
J-301, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Mobile No. 0321-9645911
Engr Khurram Dastgir Khan
House No A-7 Satelitte Town Gujranwala
G-208, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Mobile No. 0300-8643864
Chaudhry Mahmood Bashir Virk
DC Road House#50 Gujranwala
210-A, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Mobile No. 0300-6420940
Mian Tariq Mehmood
Hawali Mian Jaan Muhammad Yousaf Hafizabad Road Ladhaywala Warraich Gujranwala
A-403, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Mobile No. 0322-8743535
Rana Umer Nazir Khan
Khohti Nazir G.T. Road Tehsil Kamoke District Gujranwala.
House No. 105, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Mobile No. 0300-8434949
Azhar Qayyum Nahra
Mohallah Rarh Wala, Garbi Gala Mindi, Tehsil Noushehra Virkan, District Gujranwala.
H-310, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.
Mobile No. 0300-8625555
Justice (Retd) Iftikhar Ahmad Cheema
Kathor Kalan P/O Teh. Wzd.
G-201, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad
Mobile No. 0306-6266227

Punjab Assembly seats with elected MPA’s in 2013

  • PP 91 Gujranwala-I MPA Imran Khalid Butt (PMLN)
  • PP 92 Gujranwala-II MPA Muhammad Nawaz Chauhan (PMLN)
  • PP 93 Gujranwala-III MPA Chaudhry Ashraf Ali Ansari (PMLN)
  • PP 94 Gujranwala-IV MPA Abdulrauf Mughal (PMLN)
  • PP 95 Gujranwala-V MPA Peer Ghulam Fareed (PMLN)
    PP 96 Gujranwala-VI MPA Muhammad Taufeeq Butt (PMLN)
    PP97 Gujranwala-VII MPA Chaudhry Muhammad Ashraf Waraich (PMLN)
  • PP 98 Gujranwala-VIII MPA Chaudhry Muhammad Iqbal (PMLN)
  • PP 99 Gujranwala-IX MPA Qaiser Iqbal (PMLN)
  • PP 100 Gujranwala-X MPA Chaudhry Shamshad Ahmed Khan (PMLN)
    PP 101 Gujranwala-XI MPA Riaz Bibi (PMLN)
  • PP 102 Gujranwala-XII MPA Chaudhry Rafaqat Hussain (PMLN)
  • PP 103 Gujranwala-XIII MPA Akmal Saif Chattha (PMLN)
  • PP 104 Gujranwala-XIV MPA Shaukat Manzoor Cheema (PMLN)

Municipal Committees in District Gujranwala

  1. Kamoke Municipal Committee
  2. Ghakhar Municipal Committee
  3. Ladhay wala warraich Municipal Committee
  4. Nowshera Virkan Municipal Committee
  5. Kila Didar Singh Municipal Committee
  6. Wazirabad Municipal Committee
  7. Alipur Chatta Municipal Committee

گجرانوالا ضلع کی یونین کونسلز کا مکمل ریکارڈ

Union Council List Of District Council Gujranwala

Union Council (UC) No. UC Name (area)
UC No.1 Winjo Wali
UC No.2 Sohdra
UC No.3 Ghakka Mitter
UC No.4 Dhonkal
UC No.5 Joura
UC No.6 Natkala
UC No.7 Kot Innayat Khan
UC No.8 Manzoor Abad (Marde Ke)
UC No.9 Bharoke Cheema
UC No.10 Bhattike
UC No.11 Mansoor Wali
UC No.12 Kaka Kolo
UC No.13 Ladhe Wala Cheema
UC No.14 Banka Cheema
UC No.15 kilaskey
UC No.16 Bhoomabath
UC No.17 Hardo Saharan
UC No.18 Hardo Verpal
UC No.19 Ahmed Nagar
UC No.20 Dilawar Cheema
UC No.21 Jamke Chattha
UC No.22 Pandory Kalan
UC No.23 Noey Wala
UC No.24 Jhattan Wali
UC No.25 Said Nagar
UC No.26 Hazrat Kailian Wala
UC No.27 Rasool Nagar
UC No.28 Jalal
UC No.29 Talwandi Khajoor Wali
UC No.30 Talwandi Rah Wali
UC No.31 Buttran Wali
UC No.32 Bhatti Bhangu
UC No.33 Talwandi Musa Khan
UC No.34 Mokhal Sandhuwan
UC No.35 Nadala Sandhuwan / PTI’s Chairman Shahid Nagra winner after recounting. PMLN’s Arif Sindhu defeated by 399 votes (Express news report dated 14-7-2017)
UC No.36 Feroz Wala
UC No.37

Ladhe Wala Goraya

UC No.38 Bothala Sharm Singh
UC No.39 Sensara Goraya
UC No.40 Attawa
UC No.41 Aiman Abad
UC No.42 Nand Pur
UC No.43 Dhillan wali
UC No.44 Chian Wali
UC No.45 Murali Wala
UC No.46 Dhariwal
UC No.47 Kot Shera
UC No.48 Kila Mian Singh
UC No.49 Chahal Klam
UC No.50 Chak Uggo
UC No.51 Papnakha
UC No.52 Botala Jandha Singh
UC No.53 Kot amer Singh
UC No.54 Gondlan Wala
UC No.55 Dhansarpain
UC No.56 Kali Suba
UC No.57 Sohawa
UC No.58 Wahndo
UC No.59 Chak Ram Das
UC No.60 Mandiala Tega
UC No.61 Kotly Nawab
UC No.62 Machrala
UC No.63 Nangal Doona Singh
UC No.64 Gunnoaur
UC No.65 Ghanian
UC No.66 Mari Takhram
UC No.67 Sadoke
UC No.68 Ghoman
UC No.69 Akbar Ghanoke
UC No.70 Budha Goraya
UC No.71 Boopra Kalam
UC No.72 Ghoman Wala
UC No.73 Tatlay Aali
UC No.74 Marri Khurd
UC No.75 Marri Bhindran
UC No.76 Majjo Chak
UC No.77 Baddo Ratta
UC No.78 Hardo Artali
UC No.79 Shamsa Dadha
UC No.80 Garmullah Virkan
UC No.81 karyal Kalam
UC No.82 Randheer
UC No.83 Abid Abad
UC No.84 Phammah Sarah
UC No.85 Argan
UC No.86 Jalhan
UC No.87 Bhiri Shah Rehman
UC No.88 Kot Ladha
UC No.89 Udho Wali
UC No.90 Philoki
UC No.91 Nokhar
UC No.92 Chak Chaudry
UC No.93 Mato Bhaikey

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